The Admin and the Whole team of HowTechWork are all lovers of web-development and all form of ICT technology.

This website is just one of our development or projects, which we have to build to help other tech lovers to get premium information for free give away. 

~Peace HowTechWork Team.


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Part 1 of our About page is dedicated to our How-to-tech section.

HowTechWork is a team of kindhearted developer worldwide, that are willing to share their tech-know-how knowledge for free. We also share one common goal:- which is sharing knowledge of how to do anything tech-related to the whole world.

Every article you read on Howtechwork was written by one of our caring programmer who wanted to help someone else. We want to be the no one website you want to visit for a solution when you have any tech-related problem.

Howtechwork core mission and dream are to empower every human earth on how to do anything tech and solve their tech-related problems.

Howtechwork wants to help people to learn, and also be the leading tech problem solver all around the world. We are available freely for everybody from all over the world. We are open, and we like to share.

Either you are a blogger or not, we encourage anyone to contribute to our guides.
We use a Creative Commons license for all our post and articles, to encourage others to share them.

All our article are available free to use and share freely under the GPL license, but you cannot rewrite or re-publish on other sites.

If you found any incorrect information in our article, you can always use the comment section to signal us. And we will correct it as soon as possible. You can also use the contact page to send us a message, or better still contact us at 




 At Howtechwork, we strive continuously to make sure that we have a positive and remarkable impact in the tech world. Our primary goal, aim and objective are to help everybody, especially tech lover’s both offline as well as online.

In other to support our tech educational mission, we also give out working tool example:-PC Softwares, WordPress theme, PHP/JavaScript scripts, WordPress plugins ETC.



HowTechWork is an online community designed by tech enthusiast for a tech enthusiast. Part of Our aim, goal, and objective is to provide our user’s all over the world with any cyber tool they need to succeed online.

We are committed to providing you premium program, to run on your PC/Computer, mobile devices, and also on the server.

The Howtechwork team disagree with the idea of giving out online installer based setup programs. We believed it could harm and cause severe damage to your computer or any devices you intend using it.

The typical online setup software you see everywhere on the internet comes with a lot of hidden ad-dons and also toolbar’s. Some are even distributed with some hidden viruses Trojan botnet and malware.

And it’s such a pity today, that even most of the word giant company in software distribution, example:- file horse, Filehipoppo, C NET, Softonic and many more, only gives you access to online installer based setup.

Most of them are doing this to embed hidden ads in the software’s so that consciously or unconsciously they will be earning some few cents from you.

Our goal at HowTechWork is to provide you full offline / Standalone installer Setup of almost all premium software. So that our users globally can Download the complete setup of any program they want and install it offline by themselves.

We also believe that the software setup should be in one single file, no matter how large it maybe even if it is up to 100 GB. The Howtechwork admins and its entire team also hate downloading the file in parts. And we hate it for you too. We are working all day tirelessly to get you guys direct Single download link.

We also ensure that the link is resume-able, in case you could not finish your download at once. You can always resume where you left off, without having to restart all over again.

If you are sick and tired of searching for 100% working software plugins themes and other we are here to help. Assuming you have a dream, maybe to build a project of any kind, it could be a website of your choice or anything.

The Howtechwork team are always here for you to gain unlimited downloads of premium and full version software’s. We believe in online freedom, where everyone has the right to Download premium Working Software without any form of deception or stress.

Enjoy, HowTechWork Team.

NB:- Our programs, plugins, themes, scripts, are all working fine. And are free from malicious code because we spend time testing them before uploading them to our dedicated servers.

TAKE NOTE THAT– Howtechwork does not store any copyright protected files on our websites/servers. All linked content is stored only on third-party servers/websites. Since freedom of speech is allowed in the industry, and some of these tools are licensed underact that permit their redistribution, we provide you for testing purpose only.

We do not act in any copyright infringement. Please read our privacy policy and Term of use for more info.


Our Team

Howtechwork is a team of web-developer and programmers. We believe in freedom, and We have a passion for technology. We believe that some information should be free, at least for educational and testing purposes.


Our Vision

We are actively working hard to make Howtechwork the world’s leading how-to-tech website.  Howtechwork team wants to be the most visited publisher when it comes to solving tech-related issues.

Our dream and goal are also to become an award-winning website that will win multiple awards. 

The Howtechwork team is working toward global recognition.

We want to be mentioned and referenced to in great online media like:-

The New York Times,
                        BBC, CNN, PBS,
                                                        NPR, ABC, CBS,
                                                                                            Fox, Forbes,
The Times of India,
                                 CBC, The Guardian,
                                                                         USA Today,
The New Zealand Herald, ETC.

Howtechwork wants to changes lives. We want to be your tech problem solver. 


Howtechwork quick disclaimer

Please note that the HowTechWork team share its premiums WordPress files under the terms of GPL. (GNU General Public License). The GPL terms which provide premium themes, plugins for free, for testing purpose only. Since the Howtechwork team have already purchased them.

Please note that the Howtechwork team provide and promote WordPress and bloggers web design and scripts to all users worldwide. So that you can test the theme/plugin/script, etc., and if it works as expected, you should please consider buying from the original developer/designer.

So therefore if any of our premium tools meet your requirements and you’re satisfied with its functionality, please buy it from the developer for commercial use. 

Also, note that Howtechwork hosts none of the files; our website only gives you the information you need to know about the tool. And also give you the download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available on all over the Internet.

NB: All our files are virus and malware-free. Enjoy.


Appreciate our works

Getting all this Tech tutorial and software is not an easy task. And we need money to keep this site running, to continue to our promises and also serve you better.

If this website has been useful to you in one way or the other,  please endeavour to white list us in your AdBlocker. 

We promise never to serve you with annoying ads Because we hate them too. We only run targeted and Clean Google Ads.