Video SEO: How and why to add videos in WordPress


This is a full WordPress video marketing guide, it explains how to add/embed online videos from any source to WordPress, either from Facebook, YouTube etc.


why and how to ADD VIDEOS TO WordPress


Well, it might look like an easy task for some Pro WordPress users, but there many newbies out there that still don’t know how and why to add videos to WordPress correctly.

Recently, I came across a question from a WordPress developer WhatsApp group; a member asked: “How can she embed YouTube videos in WordPress”.

Immediately I saw the question; I was convinced to come up with a blog post that will help other newbies to add videos from anywhere on the internet to their blogpost. And also assist them in their WordPress video marketing.

The truth is, as a beginner, adding videos to your WordPress posts or pages might seem very hard at first, but believe me, it’s as simple as ABC. After reading this whole blog post, you will be able to add online videos to a WordPress post.

This concise article will show you exactly why you need videos in your post and also how to add embed Facebook videos to WordPress.

Get yourself a bottle of water as we dive into the tutorial.


Online Videos statistics overview

Despite that videos are available online almost everywhere, why do you need to add videos to your WordPress blog post ?.

Many bloggers already assumed adding high-quality text and images to their content is enough to be called a blog post. After all, you might have listened to SEO experts telling you how to optimize images and also your text for SEO and get to the first page of search engines.

Yes, It is true. Howtechwork also optimizes its text and images for SEO, and I can assure you it works, without adding videos in WordPress post Its not a MAGIC.

By now, you are already asking, why should you include video in your WordPress marketing tool? Howtechwork has listed some few video statistic below which will assist you in making a wise decision about adding videos to your WordPress blog.


Online video statistic by Renderforest

  • 65% of shoppers are likely to buy a product on your website after watching a video.
  • Users on Facebook per day are watching over 100 million hours of video.
  • 70% of internet marketing expert are actively optimizing online videos for SEO.
  • 9 out of 10 viewers said that product videos are useful in the decision process.
  • A good 43% of online content marketers agreed that they would create more video content if there were no stepbacks such as budget, resources and time.
  • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Adding video to email marketing increases click-through rates by 300%.
  • Conversion rates by an increase of 80% if you include video on your landing page.
  • Around 82% of Twitter users watch videos on Twitter.
  • Over 5 billion videos are being watched daily on YouTube every day.
  • 65% of viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video.
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After going through the video’s statistics listed above, you should start seeing the need to add videos to your WordPress posts. And also give you a clear picture of the future of video marketing.

It is also clear from the statistics that there has never been a better time to start embedding video into your WordPress website marketing than now. However, if you are still not moved by the above statistics, the below-listed benefits of adding YouTube videos to WordPress post might turn you on.


Advantages of Adding videos to WordPress post

  • It helps you reach more users. The videos in your article might help you show up in search results, allowing you to reach more users.
  • Video That tally with your contents can help you to build a targeted audience that benefits your business website now and in the future.
  • Well, embed YouTube videos in WordPress will complement the rest of your text content, and provide a rich user experience on your site.
  • Video marketing in WordPress helps you build emotional connection and trust since videos can evoke emotions if done in the right way.
  • A well-embedded Facebook videos in WordPress Provide clearer product or service demonstrations, which result in more purchases
  • It improves your search rankings since you’re more than 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you have an optimized video on your site
  • embedding online videos to WordPress Lead to more conversions if the videos are attractive enough.


How to Manually Add Videos to WordPress post

Let assume you have a video on youtube, which you will like to embed into your WordPress site; You don’t need any tools or plugin to do this.

The process to embed YouTube videos in WordPress is as easy as A, B, C. Since WordPress itself is an excellent platform. It has tons of features that make adding online videos to WordPress easy.

This article assumes the videos have been uploaded to YouTube, either by you or another YouTuber.

Go to the video you’d like to add to your WordPress post, Copy the video link in the browser address bar as displayed in the image below.


how to embed YouTube videos to blog post


Another method to get the youtube video link is to right-click on the video and click on Copy Video URL. See the below image for a better explanation.


YouTube content for WordPress video marketing


After you click on the copy video URL, you should have a link like this copied to clipboard.

Next, navigate to the WordPress post or page where you want to add or embed the youtube video. Once the page editor finishes loading, and it displays the usual stuff, e.g., your post or page title, your content, categories, tags etc.

NB: There are two ways available to add a video to your page or post in WordPress editor. You can inline a video or use Gutenberg’s video block.


Add Inline Video to WordPress post or page

To add a youtube video inline in your WordPress page or post, paste the YouTube URL you copied earlier in a line of its own. (Ensure you hit the ENTER key before you paste the copied URL).

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The video should look like the image below, in a classic WordPress editor.



As you can see, the Youtube URL automatically insert the video. WordPress automatically detects a youtube link once paste in the editor, and it pulls in the video into WordPress. With the Classic Editor, there aren’t any options to edit the video size or alignment – it is what it is.


Add Videos to WordPress Using  Gutenberg editor Block

The new WordPress Gutenberg block editor comes with different block for different purposes. it also has a unique block that allows users to embed videos from facebook or other online video sharing sites including youtube in WordPress

To embed video using the Gutenberg video block is easy as well. Since you’ve copied the YouTube video URL to the clipboard, Now place the cursor where you want your video to appear on the page or post. Then click on the plus (+) sign. Check the image below to understand better.


WordPress Gutenberg block

A panel will usually open at the left-hand side. Quickly navigate to Common Blocks, a different block will be displayed, now click on the Video block as shown in the below image.


video block in WordPress Gutenberg editor


Upon clicking the video block in WordPress Gutenberg editor, another block will appear where you will be able to paste the link of the youtube video which you’ve copied earlier.


Gutenberg WordPress video block


The Next step is to paste your YouTube video URL and then click on the Apply button to embed the online youtube videos to your WordPress site.

The result should look like the image below.


Gutenberg editor video block


To cut a long story short, adding videos to your WordPress site is super easy — the methods which we have listed above work with numerous numbers of video streaming websites.

Below are some supported video sites in which you can embed their videos to your WordPress website.

YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, Hulu, The Internet Archive, TED Talks, Twitch. Tv,, Viddler etc.


How to embed Youtube Videos in a WordPress widget

For so many reasons, you may want to display your video in a sidebar or the footer instead of the page content. Well, that’s also not hard to do.

From your WordPress backend dashboard, navigate to Appearance > Widgets. The screenshot below should guide you.


WP appearance widget


Another page will open, with numbers of widgets depending on the WordPress theme you are using. The next thing is to select the Text widget among the numerous list of the widget. Then select the widget area where you’d like to place your video.

To make you understand better I went with my newspaper theme default sidebar Then, click the Add Widget button Like the below image.


WP sidebar text widget


Upon clicking on add widget, the text widget will be added to the right side of your sidebar. Type the name you want to use as your widget title, then paste the YouTube video URL inside the box under title. You can now click on the save button to save your changes. Check below screenshot for better understanding.


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embed YouTube videos using widget for video marketing


Boom, We can now take a look at how our embedded youtube videos will look on our sidebar on the main website homepage.

Note the appearance may be different, depending on the theme your website is using. Here is how it look like on newspaper theme.


embed YouTube video in WordPress site sidebar with widget


Facts to consider when adding videos to WordPress

Well, if you read this post from A-Z, you will understand that to embed Facebook videos in WordPress or youtube to WordPress is not as hard as it seems to be. You do not need to hire a developer or buy any costly plugins to enhance your WordPress video marketing.

But Howtechwork strictly recommends that you use a third-party video hosting service to host your videos. Howtechwork does not advise you to upload your video files directly to your WordPress site except if there is a specific reason for it. (maybe it is a premium video or lecture for your premium members).  Instead choose a third party video hosting website like YouTube, Dailymotion Vimeo etc.


Third-party video hosting site VS WordPress media library

  1. Most new bloggers are still using shared web hosting, which has storage and bandwidth limitations. Even though almost all hosting provider claim to have unlimited everything. By the time your video go viral, and it starts generating a lot of viewers, this will lead to vast bandwidth consumption. And your hosting company may run your pocket dry for payment.
  2. When you only upload your videos into your WordPress website, then you deny yourselves of the traffics you should get from popular video streaming sites. — e.g. YouTube, DailyMotion, facebook Vimeo, etc.
  3. You are also missing out on the backlinks that those giant streaming sites can give you, which can help you to improve your search rankings, leading to more traffic.
  4. If your videos are present on your WordPress blog alone, then it becomes harder for users to discover and share your videos, which limit how viral your video can go.
  5. Videos that are hosted on streaming sites like YouTube will create more audience for you Because users can subscribe to your channel, like your videos and also share your content without extra work from you.
  6. You will also not have to pay for extra disk space for your hosting company due to the large video file you are hosting.
  7. Before I forget, you can as well earn ad revenue from Google when your uploaded videos start getting traffic/viewer.


The final verdict on adding Videos to WordPress

However, all these are Howtechwork personal opinions. You can, of course, upload a video to your WordPress media library if you wish. But make sure you have enough resources in your server or else you risk crashing your website. To embed Facebook videos to WordPress is almost the same as youtube, it boosts WordPress video marketing.

In case you have a suggestion on how we can improve this post, or probably there is something we have omitted. Please kindly let us know via the comment box below.



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