All Glo Data Plan Prices and Subscription Codes


Here is complete information about all Glo data plan subscription code and we also include the cheapest data bundle Ussd codes.

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Globacom, one of the giants in the Nigeria telecommunication industry seems to be the best internet service providers in Nigeria.

Today, at Howtechwork, we will give you full info on all Glo data plans and subscription codes in Nigeria, including Glo Prepaid plans, Glo Bundles and more about the HSI Portal.

Glo claimed to be the grandmaster of data and looking at how cheap their data plan is, compared to other internet service provider in Nigeria.

It is presumably right and considerably true.

But if we are to consider the sluggishness of their network speed,  you might try reconsidering that suggestion.

The truth is, in so many areas within Nigeria. Glo network is pretty slow.


Glo data bundles subscription categories

Without much talk, Glo data bundle are designed into different types, which are listed below:

  1. Glo daily data plans.
  2. Glo weekly data plans.
  3. Glo monthly data plans.
  4. Glo Flexi plans.
  5. Glo Blackberry Plans.
  6. Glo Blackberry 10 devices plan.


How to subscribe to Glo data bundles

Fortunately, Globacom Data bundles give you a massive volume of data for much lesser prices. And they also provide a quick and straightforward way for their customers to subscribe to their various data plans:

i. Glo HSI Portal

ii.  Dial *777#

Above are the two best methods to subscribe to Globacom data plans. The first option is the use of Glo HSI portal, which is a self-care data management portal.

The full meaning of HSI is High-Speed Internet (HSI).

HSI portal is a place where you can access and view your data usage, buy data, gift data and share data.

With the help HSI Portal, subscribers and users can easily buy, manage, check, even gift out data online. But the HSI Portal is only applicable to mobile devices Using the (Glo Bolt Internet service).

The second method is dialling *777#, which is by far the easiest method. When you dial the code, you will see many options to choose.

Follow the instruction on the screen by replying with numbers, respectively.


Why browsing the internet with Glo network

One good thing about using Glo data plans is the availability for all platform or devices. Where you can conveniently subscribe to any affordable data plan for your different devices without hassles.

There are different subscription code for Glo on any device 

Like I have told you guy’s earlier, the Glo Data bundles and Glo subscription codes are arranged into different categories.


Glo data bundles categories and subscription codes

  1. Daily plans => which includes both five days and seven days validity/expiring period.
  2. Monthly plans => which includes 30 days validity/expiring period.
  3. Flexi plans => which consist of hourly plans, weekly plans, three months plans, as well as night plan.

Let’s explore Glo Ussd code deeper, Glo also offers a bundle plan known as Campus Data Booster.

This Campus data booster plan, looks useful to everyone, because it gives up to 10 times the value of your standard data subscription, while you are on campus without extra charges.


Glo data bundle plan and Ussd code to subscribe


Glo Plans Prices Data Volume Data Volume with Bonus Validity Ussd
N25 10MB 12.5MB 1day *127*32#
N50 22MB 27.5MB 1day *127*14#
N100 80MB 100MB 1day *127*51#
N200 210MB 262MB 5days *127*56#
N500 800MB 1GB 14days *127*57#
N1000 1.6GB 2GB 30days *127*53#
N2000 3.6GB 4.5GB 30days *127*55#
N2500 5.75GB 7.2GB 30days *127*58#
N3,000 7GB 8.5GB 30days *127*54#
N4000 10GB 10.5GB 30days *127*59#
N5000 12.5GB 15.6GB 30days *127*2#
N8000 20GB 25GB 30days *127*1#
N10,000 26GB 32.6GB 30days *127*11#
N15,000 42GB 52.5GB 30days *127*12#
N18,000 50GB 62.5GB 30days *127*13#
N20,000 63GB 78.75GB 30days *127*33#



Glo daily data bundles (subscription menu)

Fortunately, for minimal data usage customers, those that want to browse the internet to check or confirm something.

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If you want to browse the internet for a short period, or you want to check some few things online, then you don’t need massive data.

Globacom also understands this and provide a small volume data plan for such users.


i. Glo #25 Data bundle Plan (daily plan)

This Glo #25 daily plan from Glo is their cheapest data plan ever; It gives you a whooping data volume of 10MB. And extends it to 12.5MB as the bonus for your sim card, you get all this for #25 only.

To activate this #25 plan, make sure you have #25 on your sim card and then dial this Glo Ussd code ==>> *127*32#.


Send 32 as SMS to 127.

And it will be activated automatically. It will last a day.


ii. Glo #50 bundle (daily subscription plan)

This #50 daily data plan gives you 22MB as your average data volume, and you will also receive a bonus. You will receive 5.5mb as a bonus.

Altogether you will receive 27.5MB data all for N50. To activate the Glo #50 data bundle, make sure you have up to #50 on your Simcard.

and then Dial this Glo Ussd code *127*14#


Send 14 as SMS to 127, and that is all. The plan expires after one day.


iii. Glo #100 subscription (daily subscription plan)

A faithful Glo subscriber that wants to enjoy those fantastic short time online may wish to consider this #100 daily data plan. This plan gives you an 80MB volume of data, with a bonus of 100MB.

To activate this #100 Glo data plan, be sure you have #100 credit on your sim card. And then dial this Glo Ussd code *127*51#


Send 51 as SMS to 127. The plan is valid for one day.


iv Glo #200  5 day subscription code (weekly data plan) 

Well, you can call this plan a weekly plan, even though it’s validity is not up to a week. It’s just five days. But it is not a daily plan.

The plan is cheap and affordable. This plan gives you data volume of 210MB; it also gives you a bonus of 52mb making it 262MB altogether.

To activate this plan, make sure you have up to #200 on your Simcard or recharge your Glo SIM with #200.

And then dial this Glo Ussd code *127*56#.


send 56 as SMS to 127. you subscription will be activated immediately.

This Glo bundles subscription costs just  #200, and due to Glo customers feedback, the plan has been so cool.


v. Glo #500 14days subscription bundle (weekly data plan) 

Just like the 5day plan I told you guys earlier, this #500 plan is valid for 14days. It is more than a week, but it is not up to a month, so therefore it is categorised as a weekly plan.

This plan allows you to browse the internet, watch some videos, and if possible, you can even download a few files, all for #500.

It gives you an 800MB volume of data; it also gives you a 200mb bonus. So all together you will have 1GB worth of data for #500.

To activate this Glo #500 14days plan, make sure you have #500 credit in your sim card.

and then dial  this GloUssd code  ==>> *127*57#


Send 57 as SMS to 127. The validity date is 14 days.


All Glo Monthly Subscription bundle (subscription menu)

Fortunately, Glo also has a lot of affordable monthly plans for everyone.

I will tell you this is the time; they can boast of being the grandmasters of data plan in this country, Nigeria.

Their monthly plans are lovely compared to daily and weekly plans. Customers can subscribe to any of this monthly Glo subscription bundle either by dialling USSD code or by sending SMS.


i. Glo #1000 monthly Data Plan

This Glo data plan makes much more sense for the monthly subscribers. This Glo bundle is the least plan among the monthly plans, and most Glo customers seem to be interested in this data plan.

With just #1000, you will get a data volume of 1.6GB and an additional bonus of 400mb; if you are a new subscriber or you auto-renew your old plan Altogether you get 2GB data for a thousand naira.

To activate this #1000 Glo subscription bundle plan, recharge your SIM with #1000 or above.

And then dial this Glo Ussd code *127*53#


send 53 as SMS to 127, and it will activate for you.

The validity period is 30 days.


ii. Glo #2000 monthly subscription bundle Plan

The #2000 Glo monthly data plan allows you to download and stream videos on the internet better than the average #1000 data plan.

With Glo #2000 data plan, you will receive data volume of 3.65GB and also receive a bonus of almost 1GB, making it  4.5GB together.

To subscribe to this Glo #2000 monthly subscription plan, make sure you have #2000 credit on your Simcard.

and then Dial this Glo Ussd code  ==>> *127*55#


send 55 as SMS to 127.  your subscription will be activated, and it will be valid for only 30days.


iii. Glo #2500 monthly subscription bundle

The Glo #2500 monthly data bundle gives you data volume of 5.75GB, and also gives you a bonus of 1.5GB, altogether you are getting 7.2GB data for just #2500.

To get this plan activated, recharge your SIM with #2500 or more. and then

dial this Glo Ussd code  ==>> *127*58#


Send 58 as SMS to 127. It will be activated within some few seconds or minutes. And it will be valid for 30days.


iv. Glo #3000 monthly subscription data bundle 

As we explore more Glo monthly data list, we present to you the precious # 3000 Glo data bundle.

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This Glo subscription plan gives you 7GB data and also gives you a massive bonus of 1.78gb. You now have 8.75GB in total for just #3000.

To subscribe to the Glo #3000 monthly subscription bundle, recharge your SIM with #3000 or more.

and then dial this Glo Ussd code ==>> *127*54#


Send 54 as SMS to 127.  The validity of the plan is 30days.


v. Glo #4000 monthly Data bundles subscription

We also have the #4000 monthly data plan fro Glo.

This very plan gives you a data volume of 10GB. It also provides you with a bonus of 2.5GB,  altogether you get 12.5GB of data for just #4,000.

To activate this data plan, ensure you have #4000 on your Glo sim, and then

dial this Glo Ussd code ==>> *127*59#


Send 59 as SMS to 127. immediately it will be activated.  The data plan expires after 30 days.


vi. Glo #5000 monthly Data Plan

Glo has made browsing the internet affordable and cheaper than all other internet service provider in Nigeria.

This plan gives you 12.5GB of data and also gives you a bonus of 3GB. Which means you get 15.6GB data for just #5000.

To activate this precious plan, recharge your SIM with #5000 or more.

and then you can dial this Glo Ussd code ==>> *127*2#


send 11 as SMS to 127.

The data plan expires after 30 days from the day you subscribe.


vii. Glo #8000 monthly Data Plan

Globacom #8000 20GB data volume and gives a bonus of 5gb, you will receive 25GB data for 8,000 nairas.

To activate this Glo #8000 data plan, be sure that you have up to #8000 recharge card on your Glo sim card.

Then the customer can conveniently dial the following Glo Ussd code  *127*1#

Or send 12 as SMS to 127. The plan has been configured to expire after 30 days.


viii. Glo #10000 monthly Data Plan

This Glo data subscription plan gives you 26GB of data volume; it also gives you a 6.5GB bonus. It is giving you 32.5GB data altogether.

To activate this Glo #10,000 monthly data plan, load your Glo Simcard with a recharge of #10,000 or above.

And then the user can dial this Glo Ussd code  ==>>*127*11#


Send 15 as SMS to 127, and it will be activated for you. The plan validity period is 30days.


ix. Glo #15000 monthly Data bundle

With just #15,000 airtime, you can enjoy big 42GB of data. For your office, business, and home.

You will automatically become a premium subscriber of Glo world of cheap data plans. The #15,000 monthly data plan from Glo, gives you data volume of 42GB, with a bonus of 10GB.

Giving you a considerable 52.5GB for 15,000 nairas. To get this plan activated, make sure you have #15,000 worth of recharge card on your Glo Simcard.

And then you can dial this Glo Ussd code *127*12#


Send 16 as SMS to 127. This  Glo plan as been design to expire after 30 days.


x.  Glo #18,000 monthly Data Plan

Here comes another surprising monthly data plan from Glo. This #18,000 Glo data plan gives you 50GB of your regular data volume, and it also gives you a massive bonus of 12.5gb.

Which means you will get 62.5GB of data for #18,000 Nigerian naira. To subscribe to this fantastic Glo data plan, recharge your Simcard with #18,000 plus worth of airtime.

After that, you can conveniently dial the following Glo Ussd code  ==>> *127*13#   or send 17 as  SMS to 127.

The subscription will be activated for you within a few seconds, and it will expire after 30days.


xi. Glo #20,000 monthly Data Plan details

Finally but not final, on the Glo data plan monthly subscription list. Here comes the biggest of all monthly data plan, that can be activated with N20,000.

This plan gives you 63GB of data plan and also gives you 15.75gb bonus. So you will receive 78.75GB in total. Amazing.

To subscribe to this beautiful plan and be sure you have #20,000 on your Glo Simcard.

Then you can easily dial the following Ussd code  *127*33#.


Send 33 as  SMS to 127.

You will be activated right away.

The validity period is 30 days, with this bundle plan, you will enjoy various unlimited browsing and surfing of the internet.


Glo Flexi data Plans or hourly plans

While trying to maintain their title as the Grandmaster of data, which Glo claims to be, they offer another set of data plan known as Flexi plans.


globacom flexi


You can also call them hourly plans. Some works for a few hours in the day, while some work at night. It all depends on the time that is convenient for you.

This Glo subscription plan allows you to subscribe to hourly data, either night or day.


Glo Flexi data Plans and their Ussd subscription code

Below is the Globalcom Flexi data plan in tabular form.

Plan Name Price Data Volume Validity Ussd
TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN 500 3GB 7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm) *127*61#
N200_NIGHT_PLAN 200 1GB 1 day (12 am – 5 am) *127*60#
G 100 6,000 4GB 100 Hrs or 30 days *127*5#
G 300 15,000 12GB 300 Hrs or 3 Months *127*4#
G-Leisure 5,000 12GB 8 PM to 9 AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends *127*7#
G-Work 6,000 16GB 8 AM to 9 PM *127*6#



i. Glo thank God its Friday (TGIF) weekend Plan

Just as the name implies, this Glo data plan is known as TGIF WEEKEND PLAN.


glo tgif data plan AND glo ussd codes for data subscription


This Glo data plan gives you 3GB  for just #500 naira only. And the validity is just 7days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm).

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To activate the TGIF plan, recharge your SIM with #500,

then dial *127*61# USSD code.


send 61 as SMS to 127, and it will be activated for you.


ii.  Glo #200 Night subscription bundle (Flexi plan)

This night plan from Glo is fresh since most of us love downloading or browsing the internet at night.

Probably because that is when we are free to surf the net, or maybe we think our ISP server will be less busy by then. And we can enjoy better surfing speed.

Glo also understands this, so they provide the # 200-night plan, which gives 1GB of data for  #200 only.

Want to activate this Glo data plan ??, make sure your Simcard have up to #200. And then dial *127*60# Glo USSD code.

If you prefer SMS,  you send 60 to 127. The validity period of this plan is within one day (12 am – 5 am) midnight.


Glo Hourly subscription

This data plan is also among the Glo Flexi plans.

Nevertheless, We have decided to arrange it; differently, the Glo hourly plans allow you to surf the internet based on hours.


i. Glo G-100 (4GB for #6000)

Here comes the Glo G-100 data plan. With this plan, you enjoy 4GB worth of data, for just #6000, which is valid for 100 Hrs or 30 days.

To activate this plan, load your Simcard with #6,000 and dial the following Ussd code  *127*5# USSD  or SMS 20 to 127.


ii. Glo G-300 (12GB for #15,000)

The second on the list is the Glo G-300 data bundle, which gives you 12GB of data, just for #15,000. And it can be used for 300 Hours or 3 Months.

To get this Glo data plan activated ?? recharge your sim card with at least #15,000 and dial *127*4#  Glo USSD code.

You can as well send 21 as SMS to 127.


iii. Glo G-leisure data bundles

With Glo G-leisure data bundle, you can get 12gb of data for just #5000 airtime.

Mind you it will be valid from 8 PM to 9 AM in all weekdays. And it will be working 24hours on Weekends.

To activate this G-Leisure bundle, recharge your SIMCARD with #5000.

Then dial the following Ussd code *127*7#.


send 30 as SMS to 127.


iv.  Glo G-Work bundle

Here comes the Glo data plan is known as G-WORK. This plan gives you 12GB data volume for #6,000, which will be valid from 8 AM to 9 PM.

To activate this plan dial *127*6# USSD code or send 31 as SMS to 127.


View Glo Campus Data Booster plan (in tabular format)

Below is the Glo campus data booster offer; we’ve outlined it here for you in a tabular form, for easy identification


glo campus data booster


Price Data Off-Campus On-Campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free Data for Gifting Validity
N100 100MB 100MB 225MB N100 25MB 2days
N200 200MB 200MB 450MB N200 50MB 4days
N500 500MB 500MB 1.12GB N500 125MB 7days
N1000 1GB 1GB 2.25GB N1000 250MB 15days
N2000 2GB 2GB 4.5GB N2000 500MB 30 days
N5000 5GB 5GB 11.2GB N5000 1250MB 30days



Globacom Youtube data bundle

Here is another fantastic data bundle which is specially designed for streaming on youtube.

With Glo Youtube data bundle, customers can now automatically enjoy free YouTube access with every purchase of data plans worth #500 or more.


glo youtube bundle and glo ussd code for data subscription


GLO will give you additional 2.5GB data to stream youtube only when you purchase any data plan above #500.

This 2.5GB benefit is for all data above #500, irrespective of customer device network technology or radio band e,g 4G LTE, 3G or 2G.

NB: the 2.5GB is for watching YouTube videos which would be available for use between 1.00am and 5.30am and will work as long as your original data plan is current and valid.

All the changes listed above are also applicable to BlackBerry 10 plans.


Glo Blackberry Data (in tabular form)

I will list all Glo blackberry data plan for you in tabular form below.

But please take note that before you can use any of these plans on your BB 10 device, you would have to change the APN (Access point Name) of your device from “” or whatever and that was there to “Glosecure”.


Bundle Plan Price Base Plans 25% extra for New & Renewed subscriptions Validity
50 20MB 27.5 MB 1
100 80MB 100MB 1
200 210MB 262MB 5
500 800MB 1GB 14
1000 1.6GB 2GB 30
2000 3.65GB 4.5GB 30
2500 5.75GB 7.2GB 30
3000 7GB 8.75GB 30
4000 10GB 12.5GB 30
5000 12.5GB 15.6GB 30
8000 20GB 25GB 30
10,000 26GB 32.5GB 30
15,000 42GB 52.5GB 30
18,000 50GB 62.5GB 30



How to check your Glo data plan balance (working method)

Since we have listed different kind of data categories that Glo offers for you above, I think it worth it also to know how to check your bundle balance.

Irrespective of the plan you are subscribed to, To check your Glo data plan balance, do the following:


1. Dial *777#
2. Select your current subscription plan
3. select  “Manage data.”
4. Select   “data balance.”
Wait for a reply message from the network.


1. Dial the following USSD Code *127*0#.

Go to


Send “info”  as SMS to 127.

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