Avira Phantom VPN Pro 2019: all full version Free download


Download  Avira Phantom VPN Pro, A secure VPN which is developed by the Avira security company, the premium fully activated version V2.25.1.30710 is here for free download.


Avira phantom vpn pro free download


Avira Phantom VPN pro crack is designed to protect your online privacy in any situation, on any platform. The Avira VPN also obey the standardised privacy policy that governs all of Avira’s products.

Whether on your PC/laptop or smartphone, with Avira phantom VPN pro, your safety is guaranteed.

The fully activated version of Avira Phantom VPN will mask your IP address. And also protect your personal information’s and also secures your connection on all networks.

It has a complete security kit known as the Avira Prime security suite; however, you can purchase Avira VPN full version as a stand-alone product on its own. You can as well buy the complete security kit if you like.


Avira Phantom VPN brief overview

Avira VPN free download can Protect your privacy on the internet using the advantage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol. This VPN client safeguard and empowers you on the world wide web by hiding your online footsteps as well as encrypting your data.

It also has a free version which allows you to browse securely with a data volume limit of 500 MB/month.

However, if you are a registered user, your data volume will be increased to 1 GB/month.

Well, today at Howtechwork we will be giving you the fully registered Avira {premium} version for free.

With the Avira Phantom VPN Pro, you can enjoy private internet access with unlimited VPN bandwidth. It is straightforward to use with zero complexity.

The settings can easily be accessed using the menu bar at the top right hand of the software. Under the settings, the user has access to a few rather basic features.

You as well have the option to select your desired server location where you want to appear from on the internet. Avira VPN free download has a clean and modern look plus feel.


How VPN works

Almost all VPN program or software you have installed on your PC/computer or an app on your smartphone works as a VPN client. They create an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote VPN server.

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how avira vpn works


The producer of the VPN client operates the remote VPN server. So the VPN client will connect to the remote server. And after the server and the client has verified each other as authentic.

Then all incoming and outgoing traffic will now be routed through the tunnel that was created by the VPN client.

So, therefore, all data been sent and received through the tunnel is encrypted and safe.


Why Avira phantom pro VPN client?

Well, different people have different purpose for using a VPN. Though Using a VPN has various advantages for different situation.

The fully activated version of Avira Phantom VPN gives movie lovers & video gamer the freedom to stream free online.

Below are some reason’s why you might consider using Avira Phantom VPN pro.


1. Protects your personal information on public WiFi

Well, Public WiFi is very convenient. But the Hidden truth is that most of the times, this public WiFi are less secure and could be exploited.

Public WiFi can be exploited because another user on the same unrestricted WiFi network can access and steal your data.

So, therefore, it is advisable to browse the internet with an active VPN connection while using public wifi.

Because it will protect you against hackers, by encrypting all the data you are sending out, as well as the incoming ones.

Avira premium VPN encryption capability became important when you connect to any public WiFi in the following places.

  • A restaurant.
  • An airport.
  • A cyber cafe.
  • A hotel & any other public places.


Download the fully activated version of Avira VPN for full encryption of all your sensitive and personal data or information’s online.

Example of such information’s are:- private e-mails, bank or credit card details, passwords, etc.


2. Avira Phantom VPN keep your communication secured

Anytime you surf the internet, you are leaving traces behind, and several companies track your online activities.

These companies track you for targeted advertising and sometimes to get your information and sell them.

Now you see why you need to download Avira Phantom VPN pro to establish a VPN connection for you to surf anonymously online.

And also to protect your online privacy, and prevent advertisers from tracking and targeting your footsteps.


3. Bypass restrictions using the Avira VPN client

When you successfully connect to any of the Avira VPN secured server locations worldwide, Avira hides your real IP address.

By so doing, you can bypass any form of regional censorship and barrier.


avira vpn connection windows


For example, maybe in your country, you are being restricted from connecting to the UK site to watch British TV shows.

With Avira premium VPN crack, you can bypass such restriction by connecting to a VPN server in the UK to watch a British TV show.

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Gamer can also bypass any restricted gaming servers and play against competitors anywhere in the world.

It’s just a matter of choosing your preferred VPN server from any of the Avira server locations worldwide.

And within a twinkle of an eye, you appear to be in a different virtual location, and you have the freedom to:-

  • Stream and watch TV shows and films from any country.
  • Search for cheaper and better deals like cheaper air tickets etc.
  • Enjoy and listen to new and old music without barriers.


4. No tracking, no-log policy

Avira VPN full version is one of the most trusted VPN worldwide. It does not track your internet usage, and they did not keep a log of your traffic.

Meaning the web traffic data you use is kept safe from (ISP’s), advertisers and online snoopers.

The full version account of the Avira VPN includes servers around the world; you can access restricted information and censored sites.

Avira is among the most trusted security program developers in the world, and their premium phantom VPN pro has been around for more than 30 years.

They are also well known for ensuring privacy and security for their customers and users.


5. Support for many operating system and devices

You can use Avira Phantom VPN on all your devices at the same time & it works on almost all operating system platform.

Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS etc.

The Avira VPN free download includes tons of cool features, it integrates a browser plugin to browse securely, and it is available with Chrome.

Before downloading, you can choose the right Phantom VPN option for your device.

Avira VPN full version support the below devices and may more:-

  1. All Apple devices, including iPhone’s & iPad as well as Mac-books & I Macs (Mac Os).
  2. Most browsers have their extension, for example, Chrome.
    Microsoft windows mobiles.
  3. Android devices/smartphones.
  4. Microsoft windows Laptops/computer.
  5. Android Phones and Tablets.


6. Anonymous and private browsing is guaranteed

Once you get the Avira Phantom VPN pro client installed on your computer or iPhone or iPad or Android device.

Then you only need to connect to any server location of your choice within the Avira client on your device.

You can now browse the web anonymously since Avira is already protecting your web traffic and online privacy. Avira will safeguard your outgoing and incoming traffic to ensure private and anonymous browsing.


Brief feature of Avira phantom VPN pro full version

  1. Avira premium VPN crack provides web anonymity since it changes your IP address.
  2. It allows you to connect as many devices as you like at the same time.
  3. The fully activated version of Avira VPN ensure secure encryption and Protects your private information online.
  4. It as well prevents you from DNS leak and provides supports for the IP v4 and v6 protocol.
  5. Avira VPN full version unblocks restricted online content and allows you to watch your favourite shows anywhere.
  6. It has multiple servers in different locations, giving you the chance to connect any server in any country.
  7. Download Avira premium VPN and enjoy free plus fast unrestricted internet access, as it runs smoothly in the background.
  8. Avira VPN does not track your traffic usage, and it never keeps our traffic logs. It never monitors the sites you visit nor trace your footprint.
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Full feature of the Avira Phantom VPN pro

  1. Download the fully activated version of Avira VPN & block spammers and hackers from gaining access to your devices.
  2. Avira Phantom VPN pro builds a unique, private, and fast tunnel path for you to browse the web securely.
  3. It prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from monitoring your internet access.
  4. You can browse the world wide web anonymously by hiding your real IP address.
  5. Bypass geographical restricted online content and censored websites & get freedom everywhere.
  6. Avira VPN free download gives you global access to any of your favourite videos and online TV shows.
  7. Avira VPN full version can help you bypass (ISP) throttling by hiding the services you choose to use.
  8. The pro version of Avira VPN makes sure that all private documents are secure, and cannot be intercepted or read by third parties.
  9. It Encrypts your web traffic and secures your internet connection from any form of online threat.
  10. With the fully activated Avira VPN, you can safely browse on public WiFi or hotspots (coffee shops, airport, railway stations) etc.
  11. Bypass and escape from the traps of those companies that track your device IP address for their gain.
  12. With Avira Phantom VPN pro, you are now untraceable.
  13. Keep your financial information safe, as well as your accounts passwords and other personal files.


Avira VPN installation Requirement

Below is the minimum OS requirement for Windows/Mac/Android operating system devices.

  • Windows 7 or later.
  • Android 4.1 and later. And this also applies to smartphones and tablets devices.
  • Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
  • iOS 9 and later.


Avira Phantom Vpn v2.25.1.30710 changelog

  • Avira enhanced the mechanism it uses to reach the back-end and the VPN nodes.
  • The error reporting capability has been Improved.
  • Highly and more actual traffic usage reported to the user interface.

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