How to become a pro Tech savvy – The definitive guide


So you want to become a tech-savvy. You want to be that tech guy, that can fix technology-related issues. This post is here to guide you.


how to become a pro tech savvy


Without any aorta of doubt, we all know that technology has come to stay. And it is the fastest-growing field right now, which with the look of its growth will not stop anytime soon.

The dream of becoming a tech-savvy is not impossible to achieve. However, it requires hardworking and time to become decent tech personnel.

Whatsoever is the reason that makes you think of becoming a tech-savvy, you should know that self-belief, and confidence is much needed.

Maybe you are the type that already knows what a Computer/PC is made up of. Or you understand primary hardware terms like the specifications of a computer, smartphone or any device.

Assuming you know what CPU, hard drive, RAM, SSD, USB, monitor, printer, etc. are. And you know how they work.

Or you can operate Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux OS, systems or any of them. Then it’s obvious you can not be called a complete beginner.


Who can become a tech-savvy or tech personnel?

Anybody can become whatsoever he or she wants to be. It all depends on our drive and determination.

To become a tech-savvy, you will need to dedicate enough time to study. If you are lucky to have done any programming before such as Java, C/C++, C#, Python, etc. Or any web coding/programming using web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySql.

You have more chance to become a tech-savvy faster than somebody with zero experience.

Well, whether you are a newbie or an intermediate or advanced IT personnel, becoming savvy in the tech field needs enthusiasm. And a lot of hard work, self-discipline with maximum dedication.

Here at Howtechwork, we have listed below a few steps for you to achieve your goal. And become a tech-savvy in a short time.


1. Make search engine your teacher: Search Google

There is this famous saying that Google is your friend, that could be so much true. Before your dream to become a tech-savvy could come to reality, you need to be open to a lot of information.

And to get all the information you need that will help your career; you will have to do some outsourcing.



If you want to clear your doubts about a particular topic, you will need to search google. Or maybe you have a question about something or need to research a specific item, search using Google.


2. Search for tech/computer-related information

Well, our first point in this article talks about searching google to get information. But mind you, you need to know what you are seeking.

And what you are searching for must have to do with what you want to learn.

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For example, you want to become a tech-savvy; you shouldn’t be looking for how to cook via google. Your search queries must be related to TECHNOLOGY since that is the field where you want to be good.

While searching google, you will come across Information that can be in any format. Example: e-books, audio lectures, on websites, and sometimes in books that could be found at your local library.

Just like I have told you earlier, in our number 1 tip, you can use Google to get all this tech-related info. And to become a tech-savvy, you must be willing and ready to learn a lot.

The most important thing is that your findings should be about Computers, networking, programming, etc.


3. Learn tons of shit & Be knowledgeable in many fields

Anyway, this might sound a Little bit awkward to some lazy folks, but who cares; all we tell you here is the truth.

Howtechwork doesn’t care much about your feelings; we only care about what will benefit you.




Like I have told you earlier, you will need to be a bookworm, you will have to be ready to learn anything learn-able. Just make sure that what you are learning is tech-related.

Since technology itself is a vast field, with a lot of topic subjects and subcategories. So it is good to have it in mind that if you want to excel in such a field, then you need to be hardworking. And be ready to learn a lot.

To become a tech-savvy, in the vast field of technology, you must be the type that admires learning and love reading. Have this in mind that everything you learn will come in handy at some point in your life.

For example, you may never want to learn graphic design or how to design kinds of stuff. And you are probably not preparing for any examination about graphic design, but still it worth learning.

Simply because it is still one among the thousands category of tech-related subjects, and it will increase your tech-know-how.


4. Learn and Become an expert in your field

I am very sure we all know what it means to be an expert. So to become savvy in the tech industry, you must be good at what you do.

Find something that interests you that is related to technology, and which you find joy doing. Let assume its programming in JavaScript.

Make a profound and in-depth  Research about the subject programming in JavaScript. Get a handful of information about the topic and start learning right away. Learn learn learn and learn until the JavaScript language itself becomes a part of you.

That is how to become a master or a savvy in anything. And that is how you can become a tech-savvy too.


5. Study computer virus/malware/spyware etc

Nowadays, computer viruses are spreading all over the internet. Most black hat programmers/hackers are intentionally written to steal people’s information.

Sometimes to use those personals information’s for their gain, or sell it out to others. Whichever way, it all boils down to selfish financial purposes.

So for someone who wants’s to be tech-savvy, he or she needs to learn about all these malicious programs. Not just learning about them, he needs to understand how they operate, as well as how to stop their operations.

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There are many already written programs out there that are doing pretty jobs in fighting this malware.

Some of the great Anti-Virus, anti-malware and anti-Spyware software’s include:-

  • Avast antivirus.
  • Malware bytes – anti-malware.
  • AVG antivirus.
  • Bit defender.
  • Spy bot.
  • Kaspersky.
  • Spy hunter. Etc.

Dozen’s of antivirus programs exist, and most of them are available for free. But for someone who truly wanna become a tech-savvy, you don’t need to rely on that software. You can even study those malicious codes, and build your programs to get rid of them.


6. Learn to program & become a better programmer

I am pretty sure you have some apps installed on your smartphone. And also you do play mobile and video games.

These are all made possible by programmers. Every computer, smartphone, website and any technology you could think of have some lines of code working inside underground.

So, therefore, Programming has become one of the essential skills in the technology field. Assuming there is no programmer’s, then it means there is

  • No worldwide web.
  • There will be no Windows OS.
  • No video games.
  • There will be no Mp3 or video players.
  • In-fact this website that you are reading now will never exist.

Almost everything in our day to day life now depends on code to work. I am sure we can now see how vital programming is in this world of Technology.

So for someone that wants to stand out among the crowd in the tech field, and become tech-savvy. He or she will need to acquire some programming skills to be able to identify what is happening underground.

A lot of programming languages are available out there. Just decide what exactly you want to do and pick up any languages that could perform the task.

Python is a perfect place to start; it is highly recommended for beginners. C, C++, C#, Java, and PHP are also useful languages.

There are many websites available on the internet, where you can learn some programming.  If you are willing to go into the programming field as a web developer, you should begin with HTML. Tons of website offers good tutorials on HTML over the internet.

A few of them are:-

  • Tutorials Point etc.

After you might have been doing well with HTML, you can now move on to CSS then JAVA-SCRIPT, etc.


7. Learn to use Linux or any Unix like Operating systems

In the real tech world, the tools they use are somewhat different from the tools’s/software used among regular PC users.

The same goes for Computer operating system too. To become tech-savvy, you need the knowledge of an advanced operating system, better than windows. You need an Operating system specially design for the tech guys.

When I say Tech guys, I am talking about programmers, system administrators, and other advanced computer users.

The Linux OS is a must-have for whosoever that want to become tech-savvy because this fantastic OS is pre-installed with a lot of excellent tools/software.

Most of the software that is built in this OS can hardly be found in any other operating system.

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The good news here is that this family of operating systems is completely free. Not just that, it is also open-source; you are free to view the source code of the operating system as a whole.

This UNIX family of operating systems consists of advanced programming tools as well as excellent technical tools that cannot be found on windows.

8. Socialize with tech communities & meet gurus

An adage said, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. That could be so true.  The people around you, the people you move with, the people in your circle matters a lot.

We all know the effect that a friend has on each other; it might be for good or for evil. Likewise, in terms of technology, a tech guy needs to surround himself with other tech guys, that even know’s better than him.

So for anyone that genuinely wants to become tech-savvy, you need to surround yourself with other tech guys. At least to share ideas and increase one’s knowledge.

Join online forums that are dedicated to Technology. In such an online forum, you will surely meet people that are more knowledgeable than you do.

And the most important thing here is that you must not be scared to ask reasonable questions Ask anything that is not clear to you, say your mind.

Somebody somewhere who has experienced such an issue before will help you out. Don’t be silent. Ask google for solutions and ask real humans too.

Always involve yourselves in scientific and technical conversations. It may be within your classmates in schools, or among your colleagues at work.

Also, make sure that you engage yourself in tech exercise and get a technology expert to be talking to. By so doing, you will be more exposed to much hidden and secret knowledge about technology.


Helpful tips on how to become a tech-savvy

The bitter truth is you cannot become a tech-savvy in one day or overnight. You need to study diligently and be persistent, to make your dream come true.

Also, have it in mind that this is a field that is moving fast and changing frequently. So, therefore, you have to keep updating your knowledge; some old stuff you have already learned, you must be ready to unlearn them, whenever an update becomes available.

NB: you cannot stay savvy forever simply because the world itself is changing; you will keep learning about new tools and updates.

Remember, you will need a computer/PC or Mac and internet connection, to start learning. Begin with easy and straightforward tech subjects and move to advance topics.

Look for a topic that you already have little idea about or the subjects that interest you. Begin from there. Last but not least Don’t stress yourself much, take one step at a time.

The above tips will make your life easier during your learning period.


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