7 Best laptops/computer for College and high-school students


This article contains a list of the perfect/best PC/laptops, tablets, palmtop for college students, these computers are suitable for educational purposes.


Best laptops for students


Howtechwork has compiled a helpful list of best college laptops for serious students that want to succeed in their academic careers.

We all know that a laptop with good internet access is needed for a student to carry out some researches and also get their assignment done.  So, therefore, Whether you plan to crush all your paper for this semester/term or you want to conduct some serious research. This list of best computers for students in college will help you stand out.

We’re now in the final stretch of summer; there is no better time to shop for perfect PC for college students than now. With most online shopping sites offering back-to-school sales in full swing, this is the best season to find a great deal.

Well, it’s indeed possible to get a good laptop for educational use around $250 to $500.

However, it is a good investment if we could spend at least a few hundred dollars to get a PC that will perform faster, better and last longer. In this article, Howtechwork has listed some Good laptops for college students, university and even high school students.

Though to find an excellent laptop for educational purposes might prove to be a daunting task, since there are many factors to consider, like the System specifications, portability, price, and maintenance. However, to save you this stress, the Howtechwork team has to review dozens of laptops and tablets, and the below list is our Best laptops for students heading back to school this year.



They also improve the battery life which use to be one of the major problems of the initial XPS 13 release. We select it as one of the perfect PC for college students because the battery can last more than 12.5 hours under normal usage. For example, internet browsing, watching movies, editing documents, etc.

It comes with an excellent cooling fan system and a 4K monitor screen that supports HDR videos. The Dell XPS 13 price begins at $890. However, you have the choice to increase the configuration to experience better performance.

Upgrading the hardware specification as well as the software configuration may increase the price up to $1,200 or more.


2. Razer Blade (Best laptops for students)

Razer’s Blade should be categorized as a gaming laptop because of its high-performance capability. However, we have decided to place it as number two on the list of Best laptops for college students since it posses the characteristics that most student wants in a computer.



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