Effective ways to improve & Become a better writer


This article is for new & professional blogger, writer & authors that want to improve their writing skills and become a better writer; it outlines practical ways to write great/good content/blog post.


how to become a better and great writer


It is no longer a doubting fact that Content is essential for search engine optimisation (SEO) because Google & other search engines read and understand the content. And, your content or articles are easier to read & understand when your text is concise and well-written.

Both humans and search engine crawler algorithms like Google, understand a well-written blog post better.

Many people are naturally gifted with excellent writing skills, while others like me are struggling a write better content. However, anybody can develop excellent writing skills and write useful content or a blog post.

For the fact that you’re bad at writing now doesn’t mean that you can’t get better at it later. Honestly, to come up with a unique article is not an easy task. There are a lot of processes to follow if you want your content or blog post to stand out and rank well in search engine. 

Also, note that Your writing skills aren’t going to improve overnight or by magic. It takes a lot of time of learning & practises to become good at anything, including writing unique and charming blog articles.

There is no supernatural power that will make you become a better writer, at least for now; you have to work for it. Even those that are blessed with writing skills from birth still need to practise to become better at it.


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How to develop better writing skills & become good?

Now that you know, you cannot magically improve your writing skills. Howtechwork has listed some methods & tricks you can use to write unique article/content and become better at writing.

Below are the few tips that’ll help you become a better writer.


1. Prepare & make a proper plan before writing articles

Well, the professional writer may not have any issues about this, since they have been writing for a long time. And they might have built their writing plan. But for the in-experienced blogger/writers that are kick-starting their content creation career, you should always begin with proper preparation.

develop great writing skills and write good blog post

Don’t just start writing for writing sake. To develop excellent writing skills And write a better blog post, you should be adequately prepared. On the other hand, you have to think a lot.

Think and ask yourself a few questions. Example: why am I writing this article?. What are my readers expecting?. Who are my readers?. What is the central message of my article?. How will this blog post influence my audience?. What do I want my blog readers to know & understand ?. etc.


2. Keep your article well Structured and formated

To make your article or blog post more comfortable to read for your audience, you should make sure your text has a good structure. & are well-formatted.

It won’t make you a better writer that write good blog post alone; your article will look more organise and easier to understand.

Have a clear understanding of different things you want to discuss in your blog post or article. Determine the order in which you want to address these issues or explain your word. Also, help your readers understand your content better by adding subheadings and images.

Avoid writing long paragraphs & make sure they follow each other in a logical order. Use enough transition words to make it much easier to grasp the main article message.


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how to come up with a unique blog post and good content


A well-Structured post will help your reader/audience grasp what your blog post is all about quickly. Writing your content this way will make your readers enjoy your blog post. And the search engine’s too can understand your post better.


3. Make your sentences short and concise

Long sentences might appear too wordy and may weaken the message you are trying to pass your reader’s. Since you’re not the best writer yet while writing your article/blog post, avoid writing sentences that are longer than 20-25-30 words.

make your sentence short to create good content

If you genuinely want to be a better writer, you need to make your sentences more comfortable to read. Longer sentences might be too hard or challenging to read for an average reader. Ensure you write short and meaningful sentences.

An average student is able of handling 20 to 25 words in their minds at a glance. If your sentences are longer than that, then your reader will need a more retentive memory to absorb and read along.

Apart from writing short sentences, if you want to communicate well to your audience & make them understand, your article should be readable enough.

To write a better content/article with enough Readability, you should use enough transitional words. And at least 10% of the content should contain a passive voice and write short paragraphs.


4. Make it lively, Add examples, funny & short stories

To keep your blog reader’s motivated to read more, and make your blog post enjoyable, you should make them smile along while reading.

Professional writers often include examples and images that explain their content better to their readers.


become a great writer by adding funny fact to your content


To increase your reader’s engagement on your blog, you should also add fun facts and some little stories to your article. 

Let’s assume you’re writing about the software or any other digital product, try to include some examples on the use of the product. It will help your readers to understand your message better, make your article feel unique. And it will be more fun to digest.

At first, it might seem hard to new bloggers/writer to add stories & funny fact to their blogpost, But it is an excellent way to make your blog post sweeter and lively.


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5. Get back to the point during the conclusion

To further improve your writing skills and become a better writer that write great and unique articles; always ensure to get your audience attention back to the topic at the end of your post.

Don’t let your readers be too carried away to the extent of losing focus on the main topic of the blog post subject.

Try as much as possible to drag them back to the purpose of the article while writing your conclusion. Make them remember the primary reason they got landed on that particular page of your website.


Wrap up

Content creation is becoming more and more sophisticated nowadays. Almost every business out there needs a good & better writer to write unique and SEO friendly content for their blog or product.

So, therefore, excellent writing skills can increase your chances of getting employed in this digital age. The good new’s here is that Everybody can learn how to write better contents/articles.

With just a bit of practice, even a complete newbie can improve their writing skills and become a great author. You can kick start your writing career and keep practising until you get better. Also try as much as possible to protect your content online from content stealer, so as not to get your hard work abused.

If there’s anything you think is missing, kindly let us know via the comment box below.




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