find people online: How to locate anyone on the internet


This tutorial teaches you how to find people online, and it explains different techniques & websites you can use to locate anybody information, profile photo & address on the web.


how to find and search for people online


If you need to find someone on the internet, either an old friend a co-worker or even a family member: this post is for you. At the end of this article, you will be amazed at the kind of available tools, which you can use to find anybody online.

A lot of people are discovering surprising loads of information about their friends, coworkers, colleagues & family with just a simple web search.

There are countless numbers of websites & search engines available on the Internet today that can be used to find people information online. 

The internet of today has provided the human race with a lot of excellent tools than ever before in history. We can now use the world wide web to search & find our long-lost friend, and anybody we’ve lost connection with.

It has now become effortless to do a quick research/background check on an unknown person profile. You can even decide to find out what a former work colleague might be up to.

In fact, with the help of the internet today, there’s no end to all the information you might want to dig out on anybody.

Howtechwork has listed Below some useful websites & methods of locating someone online. And how you can use the tools to dig deep & gather some pieces of information which you can later use to form a complete profile.


Find people online on social media

We all know there are a ton of social media network out there, that are trying there best to connect the world and make the earth an open place for all.

Facebook alone has over 1 billion active user’s. The chances are that your lost friend you’ve been looking for his address might have a profile on one of those popular social networking site. E.g. Facebook twitter Pinterest etc.

You need to apply some few brain hacks to get people profile on the web. Try the combination of their surname & their first name. If the person is an old classmate, you can search for your school page on social media and check the user’s that likes the page.


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Gather people information with Familytreenow

Familytreenow is One of the best free tools on the internet which can be used to find people online. It has a database of acquired records where you can find someone’s current and past address, relatives, loved ones & family members.

However, it works mainly in the United States.


Get anybody address online with WhitePages

Whitepages is a helpful website to find someone necessary information on the internet. It is easy to use and work for people in the united state.

It’s just like phone no and business directories, you can extract some few information from there.


Search people profile on the web with PeekYou

PeekYou is another excellent website we can use to find people online. It works like a search engine; it searches more than 70 different websites to gather people information online. Peekyou searches social networking sites, blogs & many other sources on the internet to find people.


Find people online via Google

Google is the most popular internet search engine in the world. It receives billions of search queries each day. Almost every internet user’s searches for one thing or the other via google every day.

This excellent search engine can be used to search for people, picture/images/photo & address online.


Tricks & tips of finding someone using Google

To get the specific information you are looking for about someone via google: you need to tailor your search query reasonably.

1. Try searching for the person using their name. For example, if the person name is “JANET Jackson”, you may try adding the person state or area code to bits of help refine your search.

“Janet jackson”

“Janet jackson” ohio

“Janet jackson” 607.


2. If you have a person image or photo on your device, you can try up upload it to search online.

Even right there in most android phone, once you press and hold an image in our mobile gallery; it will display some options and ask you if you want to search for the image via google.

This method is also a great way to find and locate someone on the internet.


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3. Here is another easy trick you can also use to find or locate people profile online via google. You can try searching for their internet profile using their phone number.

For example: if the person mobile no is “+16072346188” then you can type a similar query like the example below into google or other search engines.



phonebook: 607-234-6188

It is possible that the person has used the number to register an account on any website on the internet, so google can pull out the person profile using their phone no.


4. You can also combine the social media networking method with the search engine trick to find people online and other pieces of information online.  Searching popular social network websites, like Pinterest, MySpace and Facebook, is another quick method of locating someone using Google search engine.

This trick work on any search engine, especially Google. For example, if you are searching for an old classmate in the college; then you can search for some query like the one below. 1994 “Harvard.”

In the above example, the “” tells Google to only search for pages that are on The remaining keywords used after that are what is being searched. So in the above example, “1994” is the year of graduation, while “Harvard” is the high school name.

This example is a very simple one; there are ore stricter & target search query than this example that is above the scope of this article. However, for the above example to work: the person you are looking for should have a MySpace page.


Find people online using Spokeo

Spokeo is another website that can be used to find people profile on the web. It works better for finding personal information such as family, home, online profiles, relations etc.

You can check anybody body background lineage with Spokeo.


Find person info on the internet with PrivateEye

With Privateeye, you can quickly and find anyone online by using their name, address, phone number. It even allows you to find people internet profile with their marriage, bankruptcy records, & many more.

Privateye has a premium plan that gives you additional & details information such as mobile phone no & address. But it gives out free information like full name, city, state, age, and possible relatives.


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A brief note on how to find and trace people online

Well, there are tons of websites available on the web that allows you to find people online & locate someone on the internet using public records. If you cannot get the person you are looking for with the above-listed websites; you can search Google for other sites to track anybody address online. There are many of them which this post will not be able to mention all.

However, we have a few other website lists below that can help you trace or track down people online.

We will continue to update the list as we found a more useful website. That can help you find people information online, like photo address name etc. 

Also, note that many of these services are not free. They offer free services, but to get more vital & detailed information online like people photo it requires some registration or payment.  As of the time of writing this post, we are not aware of any site that will provide very detailed personal information about a person for free. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the websites and services listed above are mainly for the people in the United States. However, some of the sites also include support for other countries.

The best method that works in any country and location is anyone in the world can use the Google search & tips listed near the bottom of this page.



We think this post will help you find your lost friend classmates and loved ones online. The services and website listed on these articles work best for finding pieces of information about people that are alive.

Should in case you are looking for a deceased person or people profiles on the web, you may want to begin with a Google search.

You can also look for dead people on genealogy websites since they tend to have more details and complete information for deceased people.




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