Guess a password: common tricks to guess any password


This article explains how to guess a password, common passkey guessing trick and methods to get user account password, on the phone, computer or other device’s.


guess any user account password


This post may look or sound somehow funny, but believe me, some of the phone password guessing methods work.

It even works better when you know the owner of the devices or account that you are trying to guess the password very well.

Though there’s no sure or guaranteed way/method to guess a password, However, there are several tricks/methods that can lead you in the right direction.

I have used some of these methods myself, and it works, though not all the time. Like I have said earlier, if you are very close to the owner of the device or account, then the below method to get any computer password might work for you.

If you like to learn how to know a device password by just using your brain, follow these steps, and you may achieve some success.


1. Guess usual/common password

Try the most commonly used password, since most people don’t care much about the strictness and safety of their password.


common computer and phone login code


So if the person you are trying to get his or her passkey is the careless type that chooses password anyhow, then the common password trick could work.

Howtechwork team have listed some passwords below that are being used generally by an average internet user. These passwords are straightforward to guess and can be easily hacked.
However, many newbies are not aware of the tricks to guess device password, and they still use this weak and common passkey’s.
So, therefore, you should avoid using any of these passwords for yourself, either to lock your computer, your phone, or your online user accounts.

Try the below common passkey, and you might get success.


Common passkey used by newbies

abc123, 123456@, 12345678, Password, monkey, password1, qwerty, mypassword, baseball, 111111, xxxxxxx, letmein, myname, trustno1, evergreen, dragon, butterfly, iloveyou, sunshine, 1234567, slave1, master1, 123123, basketball, welcome, visitor1, shadow, Ashley, longtennis, football, alla1, Jesus, Michael, ninja.


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2 Apply some usual password tricks

The professional password guessers have some standard methods of guessing passkey, which is different from the obvious ones listed above.

There are a few tricks/methods you can also use to get any phone or computer login password.

Since we all know’s that there’s at least a 50% chance that a user’s password will contain one or more vowels. Capitalising on this fact Here are a few other tricks that you could help you in guessing login pass:-

  1. If the device or user account password has a number in it, then it will usually be either 1 or  2, and most of the time it will come at the end of the password.

2. If the password contains an uppercase letter, it will usually be at the beginning and may sometimes be followed by a vowel.


3. Get inspired from the password hint if it is available

This trick will make it easier to get any computer password If the password has a “hint” option available. It should have a hint option because if you want to create a password on a Windows PC, it usually requires password hint to be set.


guess any device password from password hint


The password hint can be anything related to the password you select, its purpose, after all, is to help The PC user to remember the passkey in case he/she forgets it.

This password hint can help you in guessing the password, for example, if the passkey is “Howtechwork” then the hint should be something close like “howtech” or “htw”.

Note: the hint will not tell you the primary password, it can only be of help in telling you what the passkey is likely to be.

So you have to be creative enough to think and get the password.


4. Keep guessing until you face a security question

This method is one of my favourite password guessing tricks,

If you try different passkey on some website for a while and it all failed, they may ask you to provide the account security question.


security question and answer


Whereas sometimes you have to provide the account username or email if you know it then clicks on forget password. Trying to reset a password on some website may trigger the security question which the account owner has put in place.

The question can be something like, “What is your mother’s maiden name?” or “What is the name of your first high school?”. These questions can help you to know the device or account password.

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Even though you may not know the name of the person’s first high school, however, you can guess from some school name around that location.

Or, if you want to proof smart, you can try to bring up a conversation about school, then tell him the school you attended, luckily he or she might say to you his school.

And his answer could be the answer to the security question of the account. This account/phone password guessing method will work best if you know the owner of the account or device.

It will even become more natural if you can start a conversation with the person. There is no magic you can use to get the security answer except if you apply some social engineering trick here.


5. Check if there’s a requirement the password has to meet

If after several attempts to guess a device or an account passkey through guessing work proof abortive, you should check if the password has to be a certain length and contain some unique character.


account passkey requirement


Typical passwords have to be at least six characters long, and sometimes it may require at least one number, one symbol or a unique style.

If you wish to know the requirement for an online account password, Your best bet is to try and create an account at the website where you’re trying to guess the password.

Creating your account on the website will and make you know the site password requirement.

6. Guess personal names as the computer/phone password

Here is another password guessing trick you could try. You can decide to use the device or account owner name or loved one’s name and see how it goes.

Most times, a lot of people uses their name or nicknames combine with the year of birth as a password. Especially female, many girls have personal names in their passwords. It may not be their name, but sometimes names of people close to them.

If you want to try this Computer and phone password guessing method, Here are some other names to try to get a positive result:

  • The account owner current or favourite pet.
  • Try the name of the person favourite athlete (especially if he is a male).
  • You may also try the device owner wife or husband name.
  • Guess the person’s childhood nickname or current nickname.
  • Try the user next of kin or siblings names.
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7. Guess the person’s hobbies/interests as a password

You can also use this trick to guess a device password by thinking of the person’s hobbies or interests.

Many people usually use the name of their favourite celebrities as passwords.

Howtechwork has listed some password combination style for you to try out:

  1. If the account owner is a man, try to combine his favourite athlete with his favourite sport. E.g., “Messi ball” or “Nadal tennis.” etc.
  2. For a woman’s, try her favourite TV show name, or the name of a favourite character on that show.  For Example:”Eddie Murphy”, “modern family”, “the Americans” etc.
  3. Guess the account owner favourite sport or athletic hobby. Eg: “swimming”, “dancing”. “running”, “jumping” etc.


8. Guess significant numbers or the user mobile no

A countless number of people do use either their mobile phone number or just a randomly selected number as their phone, computer, or account password.


Random phone no password


Most people use numbers throughout their password, while some people combine it with letters.

You can guess the person phone number or a number indicating a date or a lucky number that you think is common to that person.

If you try the user phone number and it failed, below are some principles to guess a person’s password based on numbers.

  • You can try the person’s lucky number, in case he or she has ever talk about what his lucky number is.
  • Try a part of the user phone number or the complete phone no.
  • Guess the person’s birthday as its password, Eg: if the person’s birthday is 07/05/1994, then you can try “07051994” etc.
  • Try the user graduating year or matriculation number from college or high school.
  • Guess the person’s home or office street address; people use it as their password sometimes.



Well, the above methods may not be the best approach to get a password, since there are tons of software/tool out there.

Let see this as a playful introduction to password hacking.

In case you found any error in our post, or any suggestion to improve it, kindly contact us or drop a comment below.



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