How to Install windows Operating System on a Computer


This tutorial explains how to install Microsoft Windows operating system on a brand new or blank computer. The process below will work for both Windows 7, 8, 0r 10 operating system.


how to install microsoft windows operating system on a computer.


The Microsoft Windows operating system, without any form of doubt, is the most popular & the most widely used computer operating system globally.

If you need to get your android OS working on your computer; we have a detailed guide here on how to install android on a computer or PC.

70% of the PC/computer in the market today are coming pre-installed with Microsoft windows. It is effortless to use & also beginner-friendly. Many of us bought our computer with windows preinstalled, but today Howtechwork will give you step by step process on how to do it yourself.

There are many ways in which you can install windows on a computer; especially if you are a techie. However, we will explain the simplest and easiest method for you. Insert an operating system installation disk or drive and then start the computer from the disk or drive. It’s that easy.


How to install windows OS on a computer/PC

This tutorial assumes you have your windows installation disk or USB drive ready. If you don’t have it; you can download one from the below links and burn it to cd, hard disc or USB pen.

Once you have your windows installation disk/drive/pen available, now let’s move to the real deal.

Step by step process to install Microsoft window OS on a computer.


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Insert the Windows installation disk/USB drive/hard drive

To install a new Microsoft Windows operating system on a computer, you will insert the drive/disk containing the installation files into your computer. If it is a cd/DVD, insert it into the PC cd-Rom; if it is a USB pen, insert it into any USB port available on your computer.

insert windows instalations disk on a computer

Shutdown your computer

Now that you have the installation disk or pen drive inside the computer, you will have to either restart or shut down and boot the PC again.

To properly install the windows operating; it is better to shut it down, shut down your computer and wait for like two minutes before booting it again.


Boot your computer into the BIOS

Once you boot the PC, before the computer’s first startup screen to appear; start pressing the system setup key to boot into BIOS. This system setup key varies from a computer manufacturer to another. On some PC it can be the F2, ESC, OR DEL key.

You can search google for how to boot into bios on your computer manufacturer. Search for a keyword like “how to boot hp pc to bios”.


boot computer into bios to boot from windows installation disk


Scroll to the “Boot” tab

The first section that opens in the Bios is usually the BIOS main page.  So you will need to use the left & right arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate over to the “Boot” or “Advanced” tab.

The bios boot order section is where you will set the primary disk you want to boot your computer from

The bios tab arrangement may vary from the image you see above because the “Boot Order” section varies from BIOS to BIOS & from Manufacturer to manufacturer.

If you have a hard time locating your BIOS “Boot Order” page, please try and check your motherboard’s manual or send mail to your PC manufacturer support to get detail instruction for your specific BIOS.


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select boot order priority in bios


Select the disk/drive where you want to boot your PC

If you attached your USB pen drive to the computer, you should see it listed in the image above. Now move your selected drive/disk to the top of the list, using the up & down arrow key on your keyboard. 

In our case, we are starting the computer from the disk in the cd-rom. The disk drive is usually labelled CD-ROM Drive, while other external drives will appear as Removable Devices.

Now that your installation disk is highlighted & is at the top of the boot order list; you are almost done with the bios configuration & start Installing the windows operating system.


Save the settings and exit the BIOS

Usually, there use to be a “Save and Exit” key at the bottom of the BIOS page; in most computer bios it will generally be f10. As you can see in the first image above.

Press the key listed in your own bios settings page to save your settings and exit the BIOS. If a dialogue or confirmation box appears, move the cursor to yes and hit the Enter key. 


Computer will Restart & boot from windows installation disk

After you’ve saved the setting in the bios; your computer will start up again, and this time it will boot from the location which you select in the bios. Then the windows operating system installation will begin.


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windows installation screen


Provide the required information & click Next

Different Microsoft Windows operating system may have different steps to take when installing it, so follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.



The Microsoft Windows operating system is very flexible and lightweight. It can be used from almost anywhere, from a pen drive, external hard drive etc.

It is straightforward to install for the Tech-savvy, but maybe somehow tricky for the beginner. However, We will keep updating this post to include the remaining installations process with images, to make even the beginner understand better.

Have fun.


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