Windows PC version: know your Computer full specs


If you have a computer running windows operating system, it is a good idea to know your PC version, computer build, & all your computer specification.


how to know your pc windows version


It is vital to know all the necessary information about your computer system.

Sometimes there are some software’s that requires some specific windows computer build or version to run. An example of such a program is the Adobe Photoshop image editing software.

If you know your windows computer specification or build it makes you run your Computer smoothly without stress.

You will also not experience the ugly situation of running an unsupported program that can sometimes break your computer configuration.

The Windows operating system has been around for a long time.
But many users still ask ‘what version of windows operating system do I  have installed on my PC?”.

Well, this is not a hard or difficult question.

Every individual has the right to know the exact version of his or her Windows operating system.  As it could be of help in many circumstances.

Here at HowTechWork, we have systematically listed out the five best ways to know your computer Windows version and OS Build.


What version of Microsoft Windows Do I Have?

Well, if it comes to the area of comparing computer desktop operating system, Microsoft’s Windows remains unbeatable.

Microsoft Windows happens to be the most widely used desktop operating system in the world.

It remains the most sought after Os of every user who wants to enter into the world of computers.

Almost everyone who has a PC (personal computer) at home in the college runs Microsoft Windows.

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So therefore As a student, if you know your windows computer specifications, it gives you an upper hand over other students.

One of the most apparent reasons why windows remain so popular among all other operating systems is the lack of competitors.


Why you should know your Windows PC version?

If you know the exact version of your Windows operating system and its architecture, then you can search and installed the compatible software and drivers without hassle.

Wikipedia did a great job here listing the Microsoft windows version.


How to know your windows PC/Computer version?

If you genuinely want to know your PC windows version. There are tons of methods available.

Below, we are going to list down 5 of the most natural methods which would help you to discover the exact version of your Windows operating system.


1. Use the windows inbuilt settings app

In the latest build of the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft included one more place where you can view the system details.

You need to go through the Settings > System>About and on the right-hand panel you will be able to see your Windows version, OS Built number. And when the latest update got installed.

Just press the Windows key on your computer keyboard.

After you click on the window button, you will see a window like this below.


windows 10 start menu to check your windows computer operating system


Then you will click on the settings at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Then you will see the below windows on your screen.


Windows operating system and windows computer specification


Then you will click on System.
The first option by the left, after that another window will open, and it will look like the below image.


windows 10 setting about page


Then you will click on the about tab, the last option on the left-hand side of the page at the bottom.

Once you clicked on it, you will see your PC information displayed on the right-hand panel of the same windows, and it will look like the below image.

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how to check any windows computer specification


though the information displayed may vary due to different computer hardware specifications and software configuration.

But you should be able to see the necessary PC information you needed.


2. View It From File Explorer

As most of us have already known,  in the older Windows version You can right-click on “My Computer” icon and select ‘Properties’.

Note: Windows 8 and 10 will show you “This PC”, right-click on it and select properties.

And then your computer windows version and ram and other necessary information will be displayed.

Not just the Windows version. But with this method, you can also know about your RAM capacity, PC hardware processor, as well as the type of your computer processor, etc.

See what a typical windows 10 file explorer properties WINDOWS will look like in the below screenshot.


how to check any windows computer specification in file explorer


3. Use the Command Prompt (CMD)

You also have the choice to check the version of your Windows Operating System or windows computer specification via CMD

I can say This is by far the simplest method to check the version build of your installed Windows OS.

All you need to do is to strike the window key on your keyboard then type “CMD”  NB: DON’T INCLUDE QUOTE.

When the (Command Prompt) has open, type “Winver” and press enter.
A pop-up box will open which will display your Windows version and build number.

See what it will look like on a Windows 10 machine.


how to know your PC windows version


4. Use System Information App

Well, the Windows operating system also has a built-in app called System Information.

The panel will not only display the system information but will also show your windows computer specification and some other technical detail of your PC, both software and hardware info.

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To access the System information, you need to find it using Windows Search.

Just click the window icon keyboard on your Pc and then type without quotes “Msinfo” or “System Information” then enter.

Then you will see a window that will look like the below screenshot.


how to know your PC version in windows operating system


5. Run Diagnostic Tools 

Windows have a built-in tool that can display important information about your entire Computer system.

We need to run the “DxDiag” command, which is the “Direct X Diagnostic Tool” to view the current Windows version and other necessary information.

For the benefit of those that do not know, “DxDiag” is a diagnostic tool that is used to test the functionality of Direct X.

I could say this method is one of the best ways to check your entire system information.

The dXDIAG command displays almost all the information about your system, including video memory, RAM, Operating system build, etc.

To check your system info using this method, hold the window key on your keyboard followed by the R key. this will open a run dialogue box like the below screenshot.


how to know your PC windows version


Once the Run dialogue box display, type dxdialog inside the box and press enter.
Then you will see all your computer information’s like the screenshot below.


how to check your computer system information using dirext x diagnostic tolols



Alright, these are five among the numerous way you can check your PC information, including your OS version and it builds.

So if you know other methods kindly let us know via the comment box please share your opinion with us.


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