How to log out or sign out of Apple ID account on iTunes


This post is a step by step instruction on how to log/sign out of your Apple ID account in iTunes on Mac desktop/laptop computer or iPhone/iPad mobile.


log out of apple id itunes account


This article is strictly for Mac and iPhone users; and all apple product fans.

Logging out iTunes account might be something very easy for old apple fans that have been using apple stuff for along time. However, Howtechwork is writing this post for the sake of the newbies into the apple operating system

We will make this tutorial concise as possible for easy understanding, no much talk, let’s get down to business.


Log out or sign out of iTunes on a computer (Mac)

Below is the simple process to follow, to sign out of your Apple ID in iTunes on a Mac desktop or laptop computer. It’s pretty straightforward; just read on.

  1. Launch the iTunes program by Clicking or double-click the iTunes app icon from your Apple iTunes icon imagecomputer desktop. The iTunes icon looks like a multicoloured musical note with a white background.


2. Once you launch the Itune, look at the top of the iTunes window screen on your Mac computer; Click on the Account tab.  A drop-down menu will appear with a list of options. Check the image below.


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apple iTunes account tab


3. Among the list of the option in the drop-down menu, you will see the sign out tab at position three or so.  Click on Sign Out.

Use the below screenshot as reference.


sign out of itunes on desktop or laptop computer


Hurray, you have logs successfully out of your iTunes account. It’s that simple.


Sign out of Apple ID account in Itunes on mobile (iPhone)

Below is the simple process to log out your Apple id account in iTunes on your mobile device iPhone, iPad etc.

  1. On the iPhone menu screen, where the list of apps on your iPhone is being displayed; iPhone settings app icon imageTap on the Settings app icon. The settings app icon looks like a grey box having a set of gears on it.


2. Now, the next step is to Tap on your Apple ID card. Your Apple id card is the box with your name which is at the top of the screen.


Apple iPhone id card in settings


3. You can now Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on Sign Out


apple id account sign out on iPhone


4. Once you Tap on the sign out above, if you enabled the Find My iPhone feature, then you will have to Turn off Find My iPhone if prompted. Doing this will require you to enter your Apple Account ID password & tap on Turn Off at the bottom of the prompt box.


Turn off find my iphone


5. In the process of logging out of Itunes, You will be asked to Copy any data you want to save. And You will see a white switch in front of each data categories; tap on the white switch to the right to save such data before logging out of your Apple ID account.

E.g. If you want to save a copy of your Apple ID account’s calendar or contacts, tap on the white switch to the right of the “calendar” or “Contacts” heading.


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save or backup apple iphone data be fore signing out


6. To log out of Itunes, You can now Tap on Sign Out at the top-right corner of your iPhone screen.


Sign out of iTunes on mobile


7. Immediately you click on signout above, a prompt box will display asking you if you are sure you want to log out from iTunes. So To complete the signing out of Apple ID account in iTunes TapSign Out. And immediately you will be signed out of your Apple ID account.



And boom, you’ve signed out your Apple id account in Itunes on your computer and mobile phone. It’s as simple as that.


Wrap up

Please note that Logging out of your Apple ID account in iTunes on your computer will make any Undownloaded iTunes purchases unavailable. And also every other documents and file you use on such devices may no longer be synchronised with the Icloud server.

So it is not advisable to signout or logout from iTunes on your device, but if you still want to do it, the above tutorial is more than enough to get you on the track.

Howtechwork Team believes this tutorial is easy & straightforward enough for an average apple product user to understand. However, if there is still any part that is not clear to you; let us know via the comment box. And we will be more than happy to help you out.



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