How to see the WiFi name (SSID) of a connected Network


This tutorial explains how to find and see the wifi name (SSID) (service set identifier) of any wifi network your computer is connected or have connected to. We have covered how to see it on Windows and Mac computer.


see name of any WiFi (ssid) on your computer


Well, to the tech-savvy out there, this might be a simple task. but believe me, today I met a guy in the cybercafe that doesn’t know the name of the wifi network that is windows 7 PC is connected to.

Although, there are many hotspots in that Cafe, so this guy couldn’t distinguish between the active one his device is currently connected to & the one that is wifi just detect. This is what prompted me to write this article for the sake of other people that may be facing such a dilemma.


What is a wifi “SSID” (service set identifier)?

In A layman term, wifi SSID is simply the name of the wifi network. It is the name of the wireless network your device detected. In simple terms, it is the name of your WiFi network.

In another word A wifi SSID (service set identifier) is the primary name assigned to a wireless network or associated with an 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) including home networks as well as public hotspots. The client devices use this name to identify & join wireless networks. 

For example, let say you are in an environment with several hotspots switched on; maybe in an open place like school or work. once you open your Wifi on your computer or phone, it will detect all nearby router/hotspot. And each hotspot or router will have its own names.

Now we are assuming you’re trying to connect to a wireless network Named “Freeacess” but you see other several names within your device range that are called something entirely different. All of the names you see that line up on your wifi list are the SSIDs for those specific networks.


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How to see Wifi (SSID) on windows computer

Below is the simple step by step process to see any wifi names on your windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 computer.

i. Click on the wifi sign on the bottom right corner of the windows taskbar.

Image titled Windowswifi.pngA window will open showing you the list of the available wireless network closer to you, which your device is able to detect.

If you did not see this wifi icon on your taskbar, you may need to click on the icon that looks like this ^ on the taskbar. if you hover your mouse on that icon on your taskbar; it will write “show hidden icon” as a tooltip. your wifi icon might be hidden inside it to save space on the Windows taskbar.

You will see different wireless network each with its own respective “SSID”



See your currently connected wifi SSID on Windows PC

The wireless network you’re currently connected to will also appear on the list of the available networks, but it will be the no 1 at the top of the pop-up window.

Below the name of the wifi, it will also display “Connected“. if it is secured with a password, it will also write “secured” at the front of the connected.


view name (ssid) of currently & active connected wifi networks on windows computer


In the above screenshot, you can see that there are about six wifi detected by My PC. but the one am currently connected to display as the no 1 at the top with SSID “Invisible me”.

Never mind the “no internet secured” written below the wifi name, I think that is due to some technical issues at my end. On a normal ground, its suppose to be “Connected secured“.


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How to see wifi name on Mac computer

Below is a simple step by step process to see any wifi names on your Mac OS computer.

i. Click on the wifi icon on the top right-hand corner of the Mac screen

Image titled Macwifi.png

 You will see a drop-down with a list of wifis.


find WiFi ssid on a mac computer


See your currently connected wifi on a Mac computer

To identify the wifi network your Mac computer is currently connected to, you will see a marked sign at the left or back of the SSID. The wiFI name with a black tick on the left side is your current network’s SSID.


see connected wifi name on mac computer



Well, Howtechwork thinks this article should be easy enough for it reader to comprehend. But if you still have issues while following this tutorial; kindly use the comment section to signal us & we will be more than happy to assist you.



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