How to shutdown windows 8 & 8.1 (10 working ways)


Here is a comprehensive guide on how to Shutdown Windows 8/8.1/10 PC, and how to power off almost all Windows OS computers.


how to shutdown windows 8 computer PC


HowTechWork will give you ten working methods to shutdown windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Starting from Windows 8, Microsoft adds a few differences in the way their operating system works typically.

Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 has many features, which makes them different from Microsoft’s previous operating systems.

This means there is a lot of things to learn again if we must master the newly released operating system. Things that may be as easy as how to shutdown windows 8 & Windows 8.1.

Well, windows 8 has recently been improved, by the release of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update.

This improvement in the recent update includes some additional ways to make shutting down Windows 8 and 8.1 easier. Having a different method to solve a single problem isn’t a bad idea.

Howtechwork will be giving you so many options, so you can choose any method to power off or shut down your computer/PC completely.

The situation on the ground will determine which method you should use.


A brief overview of Windows 8 Power Options

Microsoft Windows 8 was beautifully designed. It’s also built with outstanding functionalities. Looking from the newbie perspective, Microsoft Windows’ new operating system may be somehow difficult to understand.

Though it has the basic concept which was is used in the previous windows operating systems.

For most newbie, One common problem they complained about is the invisible ‘Start’ button that is now replaced by the new interface. Introduced by Microsoft which they referred to as ‘Metro UI’.

Most user’s found this interface exciting and fresh, while some still preferred the old one.

NB: Though a lot of PC/computers will support most of the method you can use to power off your windows PC below

You may still experience some rare cases where your PC may not support some ways listed below. Maybe due to restrictions placed by the PC manufacturer or by the Windows OS itself.

Follow the Method below to shutdown your Windows 8 PC.


1. ShutDown Windows 8 using the Settings Charms

You can easily power off your Windows 8 computer using the setting charm. By following the below instruction.


i. Swipe your mouse to the right hand Conner of your PC  to open the Charms Bar.

settings charm


Alternatively, you can press the WIN+I key on your keyboard. It’s somehow faster if you use this windows shortcut key method then skip to Step 3.

ii. Click on the Settings Tab.

iii. Click the power button icon close to the bottom of the Settings charms.


windows 8 and 8.1 computer power off settings


iv. Click Shutdown from the small menu that appears.
v. Relax and Watch your Windows 8 PC shutdown.

This method is the “main” method/way to power off a Windows 8 computer though there are a lot more ways to do it, which involves a minimal process.


2. Shutdown windows via start screen power button

Honestly speaking this is the simplest method to shutdown Windows 8.

If your PC is working correctly, Then you can use the virtual power button available on the Start Screen. By following the below instruction.

  • Click on the power button icon from the Start Screen.
  • Now click on Shut down from the small menu that pops down.
  • Relax and watch your Windows 8 PC shutting down.
Should in case you are unable to found the power icon on the start screen, it could be because your PC/computer is configured as a tablet device in Windows 8 settings.

and this hides the button to prevent you from mistakenly tapping on it, Or you are yet to install Windows 8.1 Update.

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3. Power off Windows using the Win+X (shortcut key)

Windows 8 has the Power User Menu, also known as the WIN+X Menu. This method is one of my preferred ways to shutdown Windows 8.

Though there are numerous things, you can do using this shortcut key.

One of them is that it also allows you to shut down Windows 8 with just two clicks of the mouse.

Shutdown your Windows 8 & 8.1 computers by following the below instruction.

i. Press the WIN+X key on your keyboard.
x command menu
ii. Click or hover your mouse over Shut down or sign out, close to the bottom of the Power User Menu.
windows + x menu
iii. From the small list that displays on the right side, click on Shut down.

iv. Sit down and watch your computer turning off completely.


4. ShutDown Windows With Alt+F4 (shortcut keys) 

This  Alt+F4 shortcut key windows shutdown method has been there working since the early days of Windows. And till now it’s still working.

To power off your windows, 7/8/ 8.1/10 computers using this method then follow the below instruction.

i. Be sure you are on your PC Desktop in case you’re not already there.

ii. Close or minimize any open programs. Though ALT+F4 itself will close any open application.

Just make sure you have a clear view of at least some sections of your Desktop.

You might want to Exit any open programs; it is a great idea. And in fact, the best option since you’ll be shutting down your PC.

iii. Click on any space on the Desktop’s background. Make sure you are not clicking on any software/program icons.

The reason is to be sure that you have no program in focus or be sure no icon is selected.

iv. Press Alt+F4.

v. A list of options will be displayed From the Shut Down Windows box that appears on the screen.


windows 8 computer powering off dialogue box


Click Shut down from the What do you want the computer to do? List of options.

vi. Keep calm while your Windows 8 computer shut down.

In case your open programs begin to close after pressing ALT+F4 instead of the Shutdown Windows box to display.

Then that means that you didn’t deselect all open windows. Try once more starting from Step 3 above.


5. Shutting Down Windows 8 PC From the Sign-in Screen

Well, this method may look somehow strange to most of us. But the truth is you are giving a chance to shutdown windows eight immediately after the Windows OS is starting.

To power off your windows 8 & 8.1 computers using this method then follow the instruction below.

i.  Boot your Windows 8 PC/device then keep calm and let it finish starting up.

NB: If your computer is already up and running. For you to be able to use this method to shut down your Windows computer, you have to reboot your Windows 8 PC by yourself.


you lock your computer using the WIN+L keyboard shortcut key.


windows 8 signin screen


ii. Click the power button icon at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.


windows 8 signin screen


How to Access Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8.


6. Shut Down Windows from Windows Security Interface

You can shut down Windows 7,8,8.1 and ten pretty fast from a place that you may have seen before, but you are not aware it’s possible to perform such task in that area.

Follow the procedure below to power off your windows 8 & 8.1 computers using this method.

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i. Hold down the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut simultaneously. This will display the Windows Security option.


windows 8 security screen


i. Click on the power button icon at the bottom right corner of your PC.


power off computer from security screen


ii. Click on Shut down from the list of option small that appears.

iii. Grab an ice cream While your Windows 8 PC shuts down.

NB: If you’re a Windows 8 or windows, 8.1 tablet user, try holding down the physical Windows button (if your device has one).

Then press the tablet’s power button. This combination works exactly like Ctrl+Alt+Del on some PC/computers.


7. Using the (CMD) Command to shutdown Windows 8

Generally, the windows operating system has got an excellent tool, Knows has “command prompt”.

This tool has been there right from the beginning of the windows operating system.

The Windows 8 Command Prompt is condensed with a lot of useful tools. One of the plenty tools is the shutdown command,

Which we can also use to power off our Windows 8 computer.

Here is the step by step guideline to shutdown windows 8 using this method.

i. Open the Windows 8 Command Prompt. There are many ways available in windows to open the command prompt.

But here at Howtechwork, we will be opening it, using the WIN+R  RUN shortcut key. Just hold the Windows key + R.

Small box windows will appear, inside the box type CMD then hit the ENTER key on the keyboard.


windows run dialogue


The command prompt windows will show up.


power off windows 8 computer with command prompt


ii. Type the below command, and then press Enter.

shutdown /p 

Your Windows 8 system will begin shutting down straight away after you execute the above command.

Make sure you save anything you’re working on before doing this.

iii. Grab a cup of coffee and watch your Windows 8 computer shuts down.

This shutdown command is more beneficial since it has several additional options available.

Some of those options give you all kinds of control over how you may choose to power off your Windows PC, such as specifying the amount of time to wait before the shutdown.


8. Shut down Windows 8 & 8.1 using SlideToShutDown

To be honest. Any regular computer user may never think of using this method to shut down his or her windows computer, Except in some rare cases, when your computer is probably facing some serious issue.

Then this might push you to use this Windows 8 shutdown method. Maybe for troubleshooting purposes.

Follow this step by step process to shutdown your Windows 8 computer using this method.

i. Navigate to the following folder C:\Windows\System32 folder.

ii. Find the SlideToShutDown.exe file. By scrolling down until you can locate it.

You can also search for it in the Search System32 box in File Explorer.


power off windows computer with SlideToShutDown.exe


iii. Double click on SlideToShutDown.exe.

iv. On your windows 8 or windows, 8.1 tablets Use your finger. If you are on a PC use a mouse.


Pull down the Slide to shut down your PC area that’s currently taking up the top half of your screen.

NB: You have not more than 10 seconds to do this, or else the option disappears.


In case you are too sluggish and the option disappears, execute SlideToShutDown.exe again.

v. Relax while Windows 8/8.1 computer shuts down.

An excellent idea that will make your life much easier when trying to use the SlideToShutDown method is to create a shortcut to the SlideToShutDown program, maybe on your desktop.

So that whenever you feel like shutting down the computer, all you need to do is to click the shortcut on the desktop.

Your PC Desktop taskbar is also an excellent place to keep this SlideToShutDown program shortcut.

To make a shortcut, right-click or click and hold the file and go to Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).


9. Shutdown Windows by Holding Down the Power Button

Please note that this method is not recommended at all. I am just including it in this post for educational purposes.

Never try this method to shut down your PC except it seems to be the only available option. Maybe due to the nature of the problem your computer might be facing at hand.

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So let’s dive in.

Some hand-held/ultra-mobile computers that run on Windows 8 operating systems or higher are configured in a way that allows a proper shutdown after holding down the power button.

i. Hold the power button on the Windows 8 device for at least a minimum of 3-5 seconds.

ii. when you see a Shutdown message appear on the screen, release the power button.

iii. In case there is any menu of options that displayed, Choose Shut down from the options. ​

The exact menu of a list that will appear after holding the power button may differ Because the Windows operating system itself does not determine this method.

It is a manufacturer-specific computer shutdown method.

But no matter how different it might look, it should include shutdown and restart.

iv. Sit tight while Windows 8 shuts down gradually.

I repeat, please note that using this method to shut down your computer is never recommended, as your computer manufacturer/maker does not support this method.

Shutting down Windows this way doesn’t allow Windows to stop all running processes and close active programs safely.

So you are potentially causing some severe problems to your device.

Most desktop and non-touch laptops are not configured this way.


Tips & faq about powering off Windows computer

Here are a few things you may want to know about shutting down your Windows 8 PC properly.


Will Windows 8 PC Shut Down If I Close My Laptop Lid?

No, Your windows 8 computer will not shut down buy merely closing the lid, Though there are ways to configure what closing the cover of your computer does.

Like putting the computer to sleep, hibernate and all that.

But ordinarily closing the lid of your windows 8 computer will do nothing.


Does pressing the power button shutdown windows?

Pressing the power button once,  will not shut down your Windows 8 PC.

But holding down the power button for a long time like 5 – 10 seconds will shut down your computer.

Remember we told you it is not recommended to shut down your computer system this way, Because it may cause severe damage to your Hard drive and other parts of your PC, which might result in Data loss.


Can leaving a windows PC for a long time shut it down?

Well, as I have said earlier, most action that our computer takes mostly depends on settings.

How a machine will behave strictly depends on how the operator/Instructor has programmed it.

So therefore under normal circumstances leaving your PC inactive for a long time should do nothing.

Except in some cases whereby the computer has been configured to sleep, hibernate, or shutdown. After a specific hour, minutes, or seconds.


Why Windows Computer displays Update & Shut Down?

By default, Microsoft Windows automatically downloads and installs updates/patches to Windows 8, usually on Patch Tuesday.

Except if you change the default settings to whats suit you, maybe to minimize data usage, which is not advisable.

So to successfully install most of these updates, Windows require that you restart your computer. Or shut down your computer and boot it again before they’re completely installed.

Whenever the regular Shutdown changes to Update and shutdown, it merely means that you may have to wait some extra minutes longer than the standard booting period.

The Windows 8 shutdown process must complete.

Because this time the computer will try to install all the downloaded files before booting again. And this will take some time. As simple as that.

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