How to unlock Spectranet 4g miFi device E5573s-606


This self-explanatory article will teach you how to unlock the Spectranet MiFi device, remove sim restriction on wi-fi/modem, and also crack them.


crack and unlock huawei spectranet mifi & wifi


Today, Howtechwork will give you detail and easy step by step process to follow to successfully unlock your Spectranet MiFi device / Modem. We will give you all the tools/software you need to get it done.

Wifi and Mifi are one of the Best and Portable computer / Mobile Hotspot introduced a few years back. And Many People are buying it, making them abandon their USB modem stick.

A lot of computer/smartphone users own a MiFi or WiFi modem to enable them to connect their devices to the internet conveniently. Unfortunately, almost all of this wifi/Mifi comes locked down with their carrier sim card.

This means the only Simcard that will be able to work in it is the sim card of the network (isp) that sold it.

That is the main purpose of this article, to help you crack your MiFi modem permanently. So you can start using any other network carrier SIM on it. It will make your life easier to switch to any other (isp) network without having to buy another wifi or MiFi modem.

If you have a Spectranet MiFi, after removing the MiFi sim restriction using this article, you can now use Ntel, Etisalat, Vodafone, smile, Swift, Mtn, etc., on the same MiFi device.

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Know the manufacturer of your wifi/MiFi/modems

There are many companies out there that are into the production of Mifi/wifi and modem devices. Example: Huawei, Zte, Gionee, Alcatel, etc.

However, Huawei seems to be the leading manufacturer of MiFi modems and wifi devices, and also mobile smartphones.

Most carrier-branded wifi/MiFi is likely to be a Huawei device; they only attach your network carrier logo on it with paint. And as well locked to your carrier’s SIM cards.

In this article, you will see how to unlock your carrier-locked Huawei modem and remove the sim restriction on your wi-fi/MiFi modem to accept other network SIMcards.


Unlock Huawei Spetranet MiFi (model E5573s-606)

There are different MiFi models out there from the same company Huawei; however, this guide focuses on the model E5573s-606.

You can try the same methods on other Huawei models or modem from a different manufacturer, and it may work.


remove sim restriction on wi-fi & mifi modem.


Without wasting much time, let’s dive in.

  1. Install the Spectranet MiFi Modem mobile partner software to your computer, laptop or PC if you have not installed before.
  2. Click here to download the latest Huawei HiLink drivers to your computer.
  3. Now click here to download the v5 of the Huawei HiLink driver.
  4. Now that you have the two Huawei device drivers downloaded to your PC. Unzip all the Huawei HiLink drivers that you downloaded above and install them on your PC. You are about to get your Spectranet MiFi modem cracked and unlocked.
  5. Install the two drivers and restart your computer/PC, doing this will ensure the drivers fully loaded into your PC.
  6. Download the Huawei version E5573s-606 MiFi firmware from this link.
  7. Also, download the Huawei version E5573s-320 MiFi firmware from here.
  8. Click here to download the popular Universal Master Code generator.
  9. Then you will also Download the Huawei Code Calculator from here. All these tools are needed to crack/unlock your Spectranet MiFi device/modem.
  10. Charge your Spectranet Mifi modem very well; if possible, let it be fully charged up to 100%.
  11. Insert an unsupported SIMCARD that belongs to another carrier network into the Mifi sim slot.
  12. Connect the MiFi modem to the computer or PC via a USB cable, sometimes through the charging port.
  13. Now you will Unzip and extract the Universal Master Code generator, then launch the software.
  14. You will see a space where you are to input the MiFi device IMEI no, put in your modem IMEI and click on the calculate tab. Doing This will generate the flash code (password) which you will use to unlock your Spectranet MiFi modem.
  15. Now copy the flash code you generated above.
  16. Unzip and extract the first Huawei E5573s-606 firmware that you downloaded above, and then run the file P711S-E5-update_21.
  17. You will be asked to provide a password, now paste the flash code you copied as the password.
  18. The firmware should start updating automatically & as well as installing the necessary drivers. Just relax for the update process to finish.
  19. Once the process is completed, you will now unzip, extract and open the Huawei code calculator which you have downloaded before.
  20. Click on the read tab on the Huawei code calculator window to generate your unlock code. The unlock code will be shown on the result field, keep it safe.
  21. You are almost done unlocking your MiFi/wi-fi device. Now go and extract the 2nd Huawei E5573s-320 version firmware that you have downloaded above.
  22. Run the E5573s-320 firmware setup file, it will immediately start updating the firmware into the modem, and the drivers will also be automatically installed.
  23. Once the process is done, Now open the go Spectranet Huawei mobile partner interface and go to the settings.
  24. Now select network settings,  pop up will appear asking you to insert your unlock code.
  25. Provide the unlock code that you have generated using the Huawei code calculator above to unlock your device.
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Boom! You just successfully cracked and unlocked your Mifi/wifi modem without spending an extra penny out of your pocket.

You have removed the sim restriction on your wi-fi/MiFi modem permanently.

If there is something you think is missing, or there is any way you feel we can further improve the quality of this post, Kindly let us know via the comment section below.

Thanks. Cheer.



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