Internet privacy: safe your online identity with Tor Browser


Can you ever be safe on the internet ?? well, we can attain some level of internet privacy and online security, if we care about our safety on the web: this tutorial will teach you how to get full protection and private internet access using tor browser.


Tor browser internet privacy online security and protection


Brief internet Usage overview

These days the internet has become a home for a lot of people and a home for many businesses. Many people now use the internet as a place of work.

And also, many companies have entirely moved to the internet to gain global recognition. As a result of this, the internet has now become a marketplace.

A place where people interact with one another. Probably for eCommerce purposes, buying and selling, paying the bill and other many other activities online, etc.

So therefore online security and protection should be handled seriously, Since we now have to provide most of our personal information online, to enable us to perform some trading activities.

So to stay safe, we need to have full private internet access.

.Safety on the internet is more vital these days because there are Hackers, spammers, and the bad guy’s everywhere that are spying on most information you shared on the internet.

And they are actively looking for victims to fall for their deceit.

Am sure none of us will like to hand over our credit card information into the hand of a hacker who will sell it out for his or her selfish interest.

Then there is a great need for every internet user to take their online security and protection very serious.


Protect yourself on the internet (with regular browser)

To maintain full privacy on the internet, or to enjoy some private internet access, you can try the below method using your standard browser.

NB: the browser’s features mentioned above is to prevent other people who might have physical access to your computer from seeing your browsing history.

It doesn’t stop your internet service provider (ISP) from monitoring the sites you are visiting.

If you genuinely care about your internet privacy, then you should consider using tor and other advanced online security and protection tools.

There are many reasons you might want to gain some level of cybersecurity and anonymity, and this is precisely what Tor Browser claims to offer.

TOR means (The Onion Router).

When it comes to getting full privacy on the internet, Tor Introduce multiple levels of protection. It makes sure that your online identity, location, and activities kept entirely private.


How to keep your web privacy secured with Tor browser

To ensure your safety on the internet, using the Tor browser, follow these steps by step guide.


 1. Download (Tor browser)

To successfully enjoy the protection and internet safety offered by the tor browser, you need to download the tor bundle from their official website page tor project download.

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2. Install (Tor Browser) and configure it

After you have successfully download the Tor Browser bundle, also known as the onion router. Double Click on the setup file you just downloaded.

Now follow the instruction on the installation wizard interface to successfully installed Tor.

Once the installation is completed, click Finish on the Tor browser installation window.

Immediately you clicked Finish; Tor will launch itself for the first time.

And if it doesn’t start itself which is rare, you can double click on the tor shortcut icon on your computer to launch it.

Just make sure you have a working internet connection, for TOR BROWSER to start. Because if you try toLAUtor on a device/computer that doesn’t have an internet connection, you will see an error like the below image.


safety on the internet with tor browser


But if you have a working internet connection, Tor browser should be launched fine.

Once it’s launched, Your internet privacy is about to begin; it will display a dialogue window, that is used to control how you connect to the Tor network Like the below image.


tor browser configuration for private internet access & online security and protection


Most of the time, you should be able to click the Connect button, and Tor will connect you securely to the Tor private internet access network.

But if you are the type that connects to the internet through a proxy, you will need to click the Configure button and enter your settings.

To enable TOR  to connect through your proxy connection.


private internet access in tor browser configuration page and online security and protection


The second reason why you may need to configure TOR before connecting to the internet is that the Tor connection footprint has been blocked in some countries.

So if you are from any of these countries that block tor connection, and you still want to be safe on the internet, you will have to click on the configure tab and configure a tor bridge to bypass such restriction.


3. Browse the internet securely with TOR

After you have successfully configured tor to browse the internet, if your configuration is alright, and your internet connection is working fine. The Tor browser will launch and be ready for use

just like the below image.


tor browser welcome page for internet privacy


here will be a slight delay while Tor establishes a connection to the network via relays.

The Tor project program states that the initial connection could take as long as several minutes, but once this connection has been made, it will work just fine.


tor browser homepage for online security and protection


Tor browser was designed based on the same code as Firefox. So if you are familiar with the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser, everything should seem reasonably familiar.

Even if you haven’t used Firefox before, it should not take you long before you start to feel at home. It’s not so different from the likes of Edge, Chrome, and Safari.


4. Increase tor browser security for safety on the internet

Now that you are ready to experience private internet access using the onion router Let’s remind ourselves of something.

Keep in mind that using Tor Browser is a balancing act between privacy/security and web usability. By default, Tor security level is set to Standard.

Although this tor standard security level is far more secure than other regular web browsers, however, if you would like to increase your Internet privacy security level, then you may consider expanding the tor standard security level to the highest point.


How to increase tor browser internet privacy security level

  • click the onion icon at the top left side of the address bar.
  • Select Security Settings.
  • Drag the Security Level slider to the exact level of protection you want.
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See the below image to for a better explanation.


tor security level


5. Change your browsing habit to increase protection

For you to truly enjoy the full internet privacy functionalities that Tor has to offers, we need to change some of our internet browsing habits.


i. Never maximize the tor browser window

When the tor browser opens for the first time, it will be launched in a minimized window.

Please don’t increase the tor browser windows size.
Just be browsing like that, increase it might allow some harmful script to spy your internet traffic.


ii. Use a search engine that doesn’t track you

In other to maintain your safety on the internet, Don’t use the google search engine to search via TOR, instead go to Disconnect. Me; This is a site that prevents search engines from tracking you online. web safety search engine


Then you can now use Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo as your search engine, but we at HowTechWork recommended DuckDuckGo.

We recommended DuckDuckgo because it is originally built to search the internet without being tracked.


iii. Don’t install any browser extension via tor

Avoid installing browser extensions, e.g. adobe flash player, as these can bypass the onion router network and leak your private information.

And that is a treat to your safety on the internet.


6. Know how the Tor relay circuits work (internet privacy)

To keep your online security and protection intact, which The onion router was designed for, you need a deep understanding of how the tor network works.

The onion router secures your internet traffic by avoiding a direct connection to the websites you visit.


online security and protection with tor circuit


Instead of visiting the websites directly, it bounces your connection around between multiple nodes on the Tor network, with each nodes anonymising your traffic.

The below image is a perfect illustration of how the tor relay network works.


tor relay circuit for online security and protection


The tor bundle sometimes bounce your connection around three different networks, before it finally directs you to the website.

Doing this makes it impossible for a website to track who you are and from where you are coming.

This unique feature of the onion router allows its users to enjoy private internet access.

That is why sometimes it looks like the tor browser is somehow slow, it is because of the Tor node that is bouncing your traffic around.

If you feel that the tor browser performance is unusually low or a page is no longer responding, you can start a new Tor circuit.

By following the steps below.

i. Click the hamburger icon at the top right hand of the browser.

ii. from the drop-down menu select ‘New Tor Circuit for this Site’.


new tor circuit for online security and protection


which will force the Tor browser to find a new faster route to the site and this will give you a brand new identity on the internet for that browser tab only.

Even the website you’ve visited before will not know it is you again. This feature allows you to enjoy private internet access with the onion router.


7. Create a new identity (internet privacy)

As I have told you earlier, when you create a new circuit, it only changes your connection relay for that tab.

If you want to further hardened your internet privacy, then you should consider creating a whole new identity.


tor browser new identity for private internet access


Creating a new identity will restart the whole tor browser itself, and it will now assign you a new IP.

It will now look like you are an entirely new user from a different geographical location with a new device.

To create a new identity, follow the below step:

  • Click the hamburger icon on the right-hand side of the tor browser.
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘New Identity’.
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8. Use https everywhere

An essential part of staying safe and anonymous online is ensuring that you use the HTTPS rather than HTTP versions of websites.

Any information sent on an https secured website is posted on a secured environment, and it hard for hackers to spy on it.


https everywhere for private internet access


HTTP = hypertext transfer protocol.


HTTPS = hypertext transfer protocol secured

From the meaning of the name, we already know the difference between the two protocols.

To make your internet privacy more secure, Tor has the HTTPS Everywhere extension installed by default.

This extension will try to redirect you to the secure version of any website if it is available, but you should keep an eye on the address bar as an extra safeguard.

If you are connected to a secure site, you will see a green padlock icon. If this isn’t present, click the ‘i’ icon to see more information.


9. Use Tor over VPN for full safety on the internet

If you want to take your online security and protection to the next level. And also maintain a standard level of Internet privacy, you can connect to a VPN before starting the Tor browser.



Before you do the VPN + tor combination, make sure you have a high-speed internet connection, if not you will experience slow page loading.

For example, you connect Nord VPN on your PC and then connect to tor.

Nord vpn ==>> TOR.



The VPN will not be able to see what you’re doing in the Tor browser. So, therefore, you’ll get the added benefit that no Tor node will be able to see your REAL IP address.

It will also prevent your network operators (ISP) from even knowing that you are using Tor, which is helpful if the Tor Network happens to be blocked where you are.


10. Securely access Darkweb (.onion sites)

Now that you have learned how to harden your internet privacy, and how to browse safely on the internet, you can browse the dark web safely.

visit darkweb securely


NB: To be safer on the dark web, please disable javascript in tor browser, this is an excellent way to maintain safety on the internet.

You can disable javascript in Tor browser the same way you do in Mozilla firefox.

  • Go to the address bar and type “About:config” without quotes.
  • In the search bar that appears type “Javascript.”
  • Double click on the javascript line to turn it to false.

To visit the dark web, the websites with the .onion domain, which are the part of the internet that is known as hidden Tor services.

They are inaccessible to search engines.

So to browse those sites, you have to visit them directly. To help you to find the dark web sites, here are several .onion directories out there.

You can go to google and type the keyword “hidden wiki” then search, you will see a useful website to get the dark web links.

These sites can only be accessed using the Tor browser, but you must be very careful. Because the dark web it’s quite known for illegal content, selling illicit products or promoting illegal activities.

So, therefore, you need a full internet privacy setup before you even think of visiting such sites.

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