Make Call on PC with huawei modem mobile Partner Apps


You can now make and receive a phone call on your laptop computer/PC with a USB modem, your Simcard, and the Huawei mobile partner software.


make call on laptop computer


A few years back, USB modems seem to be the only meaningful way to connect our personal computer to the internet at home.

If you did not have a modem, then it means you will have to visit a cyber cafe. The cafe admins should have better connections devices since they are there for businesses.

Note that, Modem back then is only used for connecting your personal computer to the internet not to make a call on PC. But today, due to the advancement in technology, we now have many countless numbers of internet connectivity options available for use.

There are many hardware devices and home networking services out there and also tons of internet service provider company to gives internet access.



We now have many wireless 4G/5g wifi devices that are ten times faster than the old USB modem stick. Because of this, many people have thrown away their modem.

Well, I still have mine. I decided to keep my USB modem because I now figured out how to use the modem to make a call on a PC or computer.

Yes, you heard me right, you can now make a phone call with Simcard in your modem on the computer. We all know’s that modems cannot make a call; you can only access the internet, dial USSD codes & also send text messages.

However, most of these modem behaves like mobile phone’s; the only difference is that they couldn’t place a direct phone call on the laptop or desktop computer.

So, therefore, Howtechwork decided to write this post to teach our reader’s how to make and receive a phone call on laptop or desktop computer’s using the Huawei mobile partner software.


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Huawei mobile partner software to make a call on PC 

Mobile Partner is computer software designed by Huawei inc. Huawei builds this program to add extra functionality to their Huawei USB modem dongles.

The mobile partner software can make calls, send and receive SMS from your computer/PC using your mobile network Simcard.

Now that we have discovered the tools to turn your laptop into a phone let’s install it and see how it works.

NB: This Mobile partner software only works with Huawei USB dongles, it will work with Modem from another manufacturer’s like Zte, Alcatel, Gionee etc.


Download and Install Huawei mobile partner

Visit Huawei customer support website, once you get to the site, search for “Mobile Partner” and then go to the Downloads section.

You will see many different version of Mobile partner for a different operating system and builds. Download the latest version of Mobile Partner there.


huawei mobile partner application download page


Please ensure you download the latest available version so that it can be compatible with your computer operating system.

Double-click the ZIP file that you downloaded, and then extract it to desktop or anywhere you like. You should see a new folder containing the Huawei Mobile Partner setup file.

Run the software installer setup file to install the Mobile Partner software to your computer.


How to make a call with Huawei modem on PC

Below is a step by step instruction you can follow to successfully turn your old Huawei modem and your computer to a mobile phone that can place a phone call. 


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1. connect your modem to the internet

Now that we have the application installed, in the main software window, select your network profile and click “Connect”.

If you have configured your Access point network correctly, you will be connected to your mobile network Simcard internet.


make a phone call from your computer using Huawei mobile partner


2. Type the phone number to call in the dialler

At the top of USB software, Click the “Call” button, then a dialer will open.

Now you can select the number you want to call on PC by manually clicking the phone number on the dialer interface.

You can also select the contact from phonebook if there are phone number stored in the Simcard that was inside the modem you connect to your computer/PC.

Then click the green call button to make the call.


receive and make call with your phone simcard on PC


The number will be dialled, and the call will be played via your computer speakers or headphones, whichever one you prefer.

NB: You must have a microphone installed on your computer, for the other party to hear your voice during the PC phone call section.

The microphone shouldn’t even be a problem since almost all computer this day has their inbuilt microphones.


Make & receive a video call on PC with webcam

You can as well make a video call on your PC / computer via your Simcard and the USB modem. If you have a webcam installed on your computer, click on the video call button on the dialer interface.

Then you can start a video call section on your computer with whatever phone no you dialled.

There are some few cases, where you may not see the video option in the dialler, go to the following folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Mobile Partner.

Then look for “SysSettings.xml” file.

Right-click on “SysSettings.xml” and select “Edit”, scroll down till you see  <callvideo>0</callvideo>.

Now change the 0 at the middle to 1, and the video calling option from your USB modem will now be enabled.

You have successfully make a phone call via your Simcard on PC / computer using a USB modem.


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Am sure you have learned how to make/received phone call on your laptop or desktop computer via this tutorial. However, this is not and can never be a replacement for your mobile phone.

It is just a way to try something new and should, in case it is the only option left. NB: If you want to unlock your modem or MiFi dongle; we provide a detailed guide here

The smartphones of these days are another kind of mini supercomputers considering the tons of cool feature built-in them and also their portability.

You can not be carrying your laptop & desktop computer around the street, while you have a smaller machine that can do it better.

This post is just for educational purposes.

Cheer. have fun.







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