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Mount ISO file on Mac without any software or a CD/DVD


This short and concise article will teach you how to mount ISO file on a Mac computer without using any software or burning to an external CD/DVD disk.


burn & mount iso file on Mac without CD DVD or software


We will make this tutorial as simple as possible, and it will explain step by step process which you can follow to enable you to use an ISO file without first burning it to a disc by “mounting” it onto your Mac computer’s CD drive.

You can also checkout how to use an iso file without burning it to a disk on a windows computer/PC.


Mount & use iso file on Mac without burning to cd

Follow the below procedures to successfully mount & use the content of an iso image disk file without any software or external cd/DVD on your Mac computer.

I. Click on the Finder APP to open it. The finder app is on your Mac’s dock, with an icon Mac computer finder appthat looks like a human face symbol; and it has has a blue and white colour.




II. Locate the ISO disk image file by opening the folder in which your ISO is saved (e.g., Documents, Downloads, compressed). You can see your data are arranged categorically on the left side of the Finder, simply open each folder in the main window until you arrive at your ISO file.


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find and select iso image disk file on your Mac


III. Simply double click on the iso file, and it will be mounted to your Mac computer. You can also Click the ISO’s name In the left-hand column of your Mac Finder, you will see your ISO’s name appear below the “Devices” heading; click on it here to open the ISO file. Or better still, double-click the ISO icon that appears on your Mac’s desktop after mounting.



Howtechwork believes this post has explained how to use your iso files without any software or mounting it to disk. if you’ve downloaded a .ISO file maybe a game or a software installer; then you can mount it and run setup/play it easily on your Mac Computer.

In summary, Simply open the ISO file; either by double-clicking on it to open or right-click & select open from the options that appear in the context menu. and the ISO file will be automatically mounted on your Mac.

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