Mount ISO image files on a PC without any software


This tutorial will teach you how to use an ISO image file without burning it to a disc, we have explained how to virtually mount your iso file to your computer CD ROM drive without any software or an external CD: this guide will work on both Windows and Mac computers.


how to burn ISO image file without CD or software

Do you know what an ISO image file is?. Have you ever downloaded a file with a .iso extension and wondered how to open & use it?. Worry no more this post will explain step by step how to edit, open & use the files that are compressed into a .iso without burning it to an external cd drive.


What is an ISO image?

The name ISO was initially taken from the name of the file system used by optical media, which is usually ISO 9660.

We may think of an ISO image as a complete copy of everything stored on a physical optical disc like CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc—including the file system itself. An ISO image is a sector-by-sector copy of the disc, & there is no compression used.

The main idea behind ISO images files is that it may be used to archive an exact digital copy of a disc, & then later use that image to burn a new disc that’s, in turn, a replica of the original. Most computer operating systems allow you to mount an ISO image as a virtual disk. And all the software on your PC that needs the iso file will now see it as if a real optical disc that was inserted into your cd ROM.

Most large files that GB of data are mostly distributed in ISO format. For example, Windows and Linux operating system.


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Mount Iso image without cd or software on Windows PC

There are many software out there that can mount an iso image disk file to an external cd or DVD. They can also mount it without an external cd drive because most of this ISO file mounting programs come with built-in virtual CD ROM.

So they use there built-in virtual cd/DVD drive to replace your computer cd-Rom. & they allow you to use the iso file without mounting it to an external cd drive on your Windows or Mac computer. However, the goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to mount iso image file without any external disk & without using any software.


How to Mount iso image on windows PC

i. Tap on the windows key on your windows computer keyboard, then type file explorer. At the top, you will see  “File explorer” with a folder logo.


microsoft windows PC file explorer


ii. Double click on the file explorer app that appears to open the Computer file explorer windows.

A typical windows 10 file explorer page should look similar to the below image.


An example of a .ISO image disk file


iii. Now search for the iso file you want to mount by checking inside each folder. You can also use the quick access tab at the left to view your data by category to find it quickly.

  • Once you get the file, click on it to select it, then right-click on the file and choose mount on the list of options that display on the context menu.
  • Or better still; once you click on the iso file to select it, look at the top of the page: you will see a tab named “manage” click on it & click on mount.

See the below image to understand both processes better.

The first image illustrates the right-click method.


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right click on ISO and select manage


The second image illustrates the top “manage” tab method.


click on manage tab to mount ISO

If you follow the above procedure, then your iso image disk file should be virtually mounted as an external drive on your windows computer.


Check if the iso file is mounted correctly

To confirm if your iso file has been successfully mounted, it should appear as another drive on your PC/computer. So click on “This PC“, it is at the left-hand side of the “Windows file explorer“.


iso file successfully mounted on windows PC

That is your mounted iso file right there represented with the (E:) drive.

You can now Open your mounted ISO file, by Double-clicking on the drive and Your ISO’s contents will open & be available for use.


Wrap up

This tutorial is simple enough to understand. Even a total newbie should be able to mount any iso file correctly and use the content file without any iso mounting program & without an external cd/DVD.

We will update you guys soon on how to perform the same task on a Mac computer.




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