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how to become a better and great writer

Effective ways to improve & Become a better writer

This article is for new & professional blogger, writer & authors that want to improve their writing skills and become a better writer; it outlines practical ways to write great/good content/blog post.     It is no...
how to protect and safeguard online content

Protect content online: full guide to secure your blog posts

This post is a definitive guide on how to protect our content online; it shows you different techniques to secure & safeguard your website/blog post and to stop online content theft.     We all know's that...
disable right click on web page with html css and JavaScript

Disable Right Click On WebPages – HTML, CSS & Jscript

This article teaches you how to prevent content stealing by disabling/deactivating mouse right-click on any webpages, Wordpress & browser using HTML, CSS, & javascript code.     Many people these days, will visit your blog, highlight your...
remove custom domain name in blogger

Remove Custom Domain from Blogger Blog (full guide)

Today topics focus on how to remove custom domain from Blogspot blog, for those that have redirected their ".blogspot" domain to a custom one, you can revert from your Custom Domain back to blogger.     If...
transcribe audio voice into text

Transcribe audio into text with google docs voice typing

Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to transcribe/write out audio to text using google doc voice typing, it also talks about a few audio transcribing software & speech to text converter.     So many transcribers...
make call on laptop computer

Make Call on PC with huawei modem mobile Partner Apps

You can now make and receive a phone call on your laptop computer/PC with a USB modem, your Simcard, and the Huawei mobile partner software.     A few years back, USB modems seem to be the...
spy on someone text message without them knowing

Spy text messages: monitor people without them knowing

If you feel your partner is cheating & you want to monitor or spy on his/her phone text/WhatsApp messages, "SpyIc" Sms/call tracking software/apps can help.     When it comes to tracing or monitoring any device, like...
crack and unlock huawei spectranet mifi & wifi

How to unlock Spectranet 4g miFi device E5573s-606

This self-explanatory article will teach you how to unlock Spectranet MiFi device, remove sim restriction on wi-fi/modem, and also crack them.     Today, Howtechwork will give you detail and easy step by step process to follow...
write on a PDF documents

How to write anything on a pdf documents (adobe acrobat)

This article will guide you on how to edit and write on any pdf documents, as well as how to draw or make a diagram on pdf files using adobe acrobat and other tools.     The...
remix OS player

Remix OS: How to install remix OS on Windows PC

This article explains how to download & install the remix OS player, an Operating system/emulator that let you run android apps on PC, it has 32 bit/64 bit version.     The Android operating system has been around...
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