Remove Custom Domain from Blogger Blog (full guide)


Today topics focus on how to remove custom domain from Blogspot blog, for those that have redirected their “.blogspot” domain to a custom one, you can revert from your Custom Domain back to blogger.


remove custom domain name in blogger


If you want to revert your custom domain name to, read this simple guide till the end.

Honestly, it is rare for a blogger with a custom domain to think of removing it since a lot of bloggers brainstormed for an hour’s if not day’s before coming up with a unique name for their website.

However, if you have any reason reasons to get it removed or reverted to the default google domain, this tutorial will guide you.

NB: for those people that have already bought a domain name, and have redirected it to their blogger blog, please note that custom domain works exactly like Free domain.

There is no difference in terms of SEO, design, search engine ranking etc.

Just that having a custom domain name makes your site look mature and professional, that’s all. Also, note that the “.blospot” domain name is free and it is the default name given to you by google immediately you create a blog with them.

So therefore if anything goes wrong with your custom domain, you can always revert to the default domain.


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What is Blogspot?

Blogspot: is a fantastic blogging platform owns by the Search engine giant “GOOGLE”, it enables you to publish a free blog & also gives you a free subdomain “”.

It’s the best platform for newbie bloggers who are just starting their blogging career.

They provide you with almost everything you need to get started, Eg: hosting, domain etc.


Why Revert Custom Domain back to BlogSpot

There are many reasons why a blogger might think of removing his/her custom domain and revert it to the default “.blogpot” domain.

  • A custom domain name cost between $8 to $15/year, a new blogger may not be financially buoyant enough to afford it.
  • Sometimes most people are too busy or unserious and forget to renew their domain name. So, therefore, the name could get expired, and another person buys the domain name after it has passed the grace period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your custom domain got expired or you have any issue that makes it stop working, you have to remove it and change it back to the Blogspot domain.

If you fail to revert it to the old .blogspot name, then it means your website and all of its content are offline. Because your custom domain is no longer working, and the default blogger domain has been redirected to the custom domain name that stops working.

If the post on your blog appears in search engine results, then the visitor will get an error saying “Website cannot be reached”. And that is not good enough.


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How to remove custom domain & revert it to Blogspot

  1. Go to blogger homepage and sign in with your Google account.

2. On the blogger backend dashboard, click on settings, then click on basic.

3. Move your mouse to the blog address tab and click, then click on the “X” ICON.


reverting custom domain back to default blogspot


4. Once you click on the “X” which means remove, a warning message will pop up asking you “Are you sure you want to remove the custom domain?. Press OK and then click on save.


confirmation warning on removing custom Domain on blogger


5. Now refresh or reload the page, and then click “View Blog”. You will see that your website has been reverted to the default domain.



Well, Blogspot is an ideal blogging platform, especially for beginner and those that don’t have enough money for self-hosting blog and domain.

However, if you want to take full control of your site, you might consider switching to a more independent platform like WordPress.

Also, note that having a customised domain name gives your site honour and respect, and it looks more professional than using another site subdomain.

So, therefore, try and pay for your domain name and renew your payment whenever its get expired.

The price is too low, if you work hard on your blog, 15$ a year is just peanut.

We hope this minimal article will help you on how to remove a custom domain on google blogger and revert it to Blogspot.

If you find this tutorial useful, please share with your friend and family. And if there is any suggestion on how to improve the post quality, please alert us via the comment box.

Have fun.




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