Spy text messages: monitor people without them knowing


If you feel your partner is cheating & you want to monitor or spy on his/her phone text/WhatsApp messages, “SpyIc” Sms/call tracking software/apps can help.


spy on someone text message without them knowing


When it comes to tracing or monitoring any device, like a laptop or mobile phones, many spying software/tools in the market could get the job done.

However, this article focuses on a particular spying program called “SpyIc“.

This “SpyIc” is an excellent text message spying software, and it can help anybody to spy on the text messages or WhatsApp chat of any user.

It has numerous kinds of features and accessibilities, ranging from text message and chat spying, phone call tracking, location tracker, social media tracking etc.

This Spyic program benefits from the new-age advancement in technology; it’s unbelievable the way it traces and captures the data of whoever you are using it to locate.

If you have a cheating partner or you are suspecting someone, and you want to monitor his/her movement. Then this Sms/text messages tracking and call monitoring apps can be of help.

Nowadays, almost everything can be done from our phone, things like messaging, Calling, chatting on social media etc.

So, therefore, to easily trace someone movement in this digital age, the easiest way is to install or remotely control the person using a phone tracking software.


brief overview of Spyic text message spying program

And the Spyic software is among the best tool in terms of spying on people’s text messages and all communication ways.

“Spyic” has been featured in a lot of great internet websites example: as Forbes, Tech Advisor, PC World, The Verge, Tech Radar, CNET, Life Wire, New York Times, Business Insider etc.

SpyIc appearance on the above listed popular site’s is enough to let you know that it’s truly a great phone call spying program.

It is capable of Spying on Phone calls and text messages as well as performing a reverse mobile number search.


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Features of SPYIC Sms tracking app

Spyic is a reliable and robust monitoring tool. It’s an ideal parental control and employee monitoring program.

With this software, you can safeguard your children. If you are a director or a manager of a company, you can protect your business interests & keep your employees productive.

Below is the unique feature of the Spyic text message spying program.

  • Advance Call Tracker.
  • Smart Instagram Spy.
  • Location tracking.
  • Smart Geofence Alert.
  • Tracking Facebook Messages.
  • Spying WhatsApp chat.
  • Spy Snapchat chat.
  • Sms /text message Tracking or spying.
  • Viber message/chat Spy.
  • Powerfull Stealth mode.
  • Track any Website History and also SIM Location tracking.


 How to use SPYIC phone tracking software

Below is a step by step easy to read guide on how to use the Spyic software. from the account creation to the actual tracking purposes.


1. Sign up at Spyic website It’s Free 

To get started using the Spyic program in spying someone text messages, you need to create an account on the Spyic software site.

Your account with them is like a portal where you will be able to see all the logs and history of your tracking devices.


signup free account with SPYIC to spy phone call


2. Provide all the required pieces of information

After you have created an account, you will be taking to the Spyic setup wizard interface.

Fill in all the necessary information and click on the proceed button.

You need to fill in the exact details of the targeted device here so that the Spying feature could be active for both text messages and WhatsApp messages.


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spy and monitor phone call using spyic SETUP WIZARD phone tracking software


3. Start monitoring phones & Spy on text messages

Once you completed the SPYIC phone tracking software setup, you can now trace & search for the target phone for free.

Apart from tracing mobile, the SPYIC Sms tracking app provides many handy tools, and it can do a reverse phone lookup, Spy on WhatsApp messages etc.


spyic phone tracking software android tracking interface


Few features of Spyic text messages spying program explained

We have listed some few great features of the Spyic spying and tracking apps below; read the features to determine if it is for you or not.


i. Track and spy on Social Media messages

One of the fresh and unique features of the Spyic software is the SOCIAL MEDIA TRACKING feature.

It can track various social apps and inform you what exactly is going on in the user’s account, which you are tracking his/her devices.


ii. Smart Geo-Fence Alert

The Geo-fence alert feature marks a boundary to the map, and it immediately alerts you via notification if the targeted device progresses beyond the set boundary.


iii. An accurate Location Tracking system

The SPYIC Text messages spying tool also include a location tracker which helps you to track the exact location of any device you are tracking.

This location tracking feature is close to perfection; it aids in knowing the exact location of the device mostly android phone.


iv. Highly advanced Call Tracker feature

This program also includes a call tracker feature which allows you to spy and monitor phone call of the targeted device.

It helps you to trace the calls which are being placed on the user phone. And also record the location where the call is was made.

Spyic saves the caller’s location as well as the correct caller ID. Honestly, SPYIC is an excellent phone tracking software.


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V. Spying on text messages/Sms

Spying on any device is as easy as ABC, using this excellent Sms tracking app. It allows you to track text messages, which is the new and most popular way of communicating in this cyber age.

Spyic can decode almost all messages format as well as the sender ID. It also displays the outgoing and incoming message on the targeted devices or phone.


Wrap up

Well, in this digital age, there is a lot of methods out there to spy on anybody and anything.

Using the highly sophisticated tools that advancement in technology has brought around.

Numerous gadget/hardware devices in the market perform different monitoring/surveillance services.

Also, when it comes to monitoring mobile devices, computer and other electronic devices, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can use a keylogger program; a keylogger is computer software that controls another electronic device remotely. It can capture all the keystroke on the computer/PC & all activities that the user is running on his machine.

After capturing all the victim system activities, it then sends it to a server or mail of the attacker.

Keyloggers exist as hardware and also as software.

The type of keylogger you will use depends on your choice and the distance with the user you want to track.

Well, that is all we know about the SPYIC software. If you think anything is missing, or there is a way we can increase the quality of this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

Have fun.



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