Transcribe audio into text with google docs voice typing


Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to transcribe/write out audio to text using google doc voice typing, it also talks about a few audio transcribing software & speech to text converter.



So many transcribers out there that have been wasting a lot of hours transcribing audio. Listening to the same audio voice again and again.

Some people voice are not that easy to interpret, especially if the person speaking is not from an English speaking country. Even people from English speaking countries sometimes find it difficult to talk in full sentences.

However, Howtechwork decided to come up with this post on How to transcribe audio to text or interpret sound into written text using google doc voice typing.

For those of you that are just coming to the text transcribing industry, you will need audio transcribing software to help you keep your work going fast. Even professional voice transcribers sometimes use some speech to text converter tools to get their job done.

Though there are many free and some paid program for transcribing audio to text in the market.

Today, we will show you how to do it with google docs, without buying nor installing any third-party software.


Transcribing voice/audio to text with Google docs

Google Docs is a free cloud-based document/word processing program; you can access the google doc homepage to see how it work.




It allows you to create, modify, edit, delete, & do virtually everything you can do on any word processing software. Example: Microsoft Word, libre office, open office etc. We can look at Google docs voice typing as another audio or speech to text converter tool.

Because it comes pre-installed with a dictation software tool called Voice Typing.

It’s easy and free to transcribe voice or audio to text, with the voice typing feature and requires no plugins or any fancy apps.


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How Google Docs voice typing works

The name “Voice typing” has already explained its meaning.

It merely listens to your voice or sound. When you speak, the tool listens & transcribes what you say into a Google Docs file or document.

The feature is primarily designed for people who prefer to dictate notes or that cannot quickly type. But nowaday’s it has become a useful tool for audio and video transcribers.

Google has done an excellent job for incorporating this feature into its online word processing software. The audio to text conversion tool is very accurate; it writes out names correctly, & also add punctuation marks where required.

NB: It is highly recommended to get yourself a headset or earphone. To enable you to listen to the recorded voice/audio on your phone or PC then you speak out loud what you hear for the Voice Typing tool to transcribes to text in the docs.

The voice typing app automatically correct word’s that are misheard when you finished talking.

When writing out the audio sound with google docs,

The software works with almost all language, Howtechwork has tested it with Spanish, Indonesia and German as well.


Write out audio to text with google doc Voice Typing

Follow our step by step instruction to successfully transcribe your video and audio sound to paper written words.


1. look for a quiet or silent environment

Note that, the google docs voice typing tools listens to the microphone of your computer/PC or phone for audio voice to convert to text.

So, therefore, It will also listen to any noise from the environment close to where you are. And this will cause an error in the transcription.

To avoid an error when transcribing voice or audio to text with Voice Typing. Go to a noise-free area and listen to the recording via earphones, then speak out loud the word you hear.

The Voice Typing tool is not advanced enough to transcribe a voice or recording playing from a speaker. Though sometimes I play videos from my PC speaker and it interprets it into text.

However, it works better when hearing a human voice, in a quiet place. If there’s are background noises, or people speaking near you, the transcription may be less accurate.


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2. Go to Google Doc and open a blank document

Visit Google Doc home page, and sign in via your Google account, you can signup if you don’t have one.

Now click on “start a new document” or “open black document”. A blank page will open with a white background and various toolbar at the top of the page.



3. Launch the Voice Typing (audio to text transcribing tool)

To begin transcribing your audio voice into writing text, you need to launch the google docs voice typing tool that will do the magic for you.

Click on the “Tools” tab at the top of the page, from the dropdown menu, select “Voice Typing”.


google doc voice typing TOOL

You can also use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+S on windows and Command+Shift+S on MAC, to open the Voice Typing tool.

Make sure when you click “Voice Typing”, there will be a recording button which will appear on the left side of the document.


audio transcribing software IN GOOGLE DOC


4. Ensure your PC microphone is working & set your language

Like I have said it earlier, the voice typing feature uses your device microphone to listen to voice and audio to interpret or transcribe into written text.

Google also explains that “to use voice typing or voice commands, your PC/computer needs a working microphone. So check your PC or Mac properly ensure the microphone is working.

You may also have to check or change the language settings to the language you want to speak. By default, the audio transcribing software is set to listen and understand English.

But it can transcribe nearly every language, including different accents and dialects. E.g. The google doc speech to text converter tools offers over 20 options for Spanish.

Use the drop-down menu on the microphone icon button to select the language you will like to speak.


select language in speech to text converter software


5. Click on “click to record ” button & start talking

To start transcribing audio to text with the voice typing audio transcribing program, click the Voice Typing button. Immediately the microphone logo/icon will turn red meaning the tool is active and ready to write out text.

Plug your headset or earphone into your hear and start listening to your audio recording. Then begin speaking out loud for the Voice typing tool to transcribe into written text.

NB: During the text interpreting or transcribing process, don’t click into another window or tab. Also, don’t close the Google Doc page window. If you do, the Voice typing Tool will stop listening and will no longer transcribe.


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TRANSCRIBE voice with speech to text converter in google doc


Tips for successful voice to text transcription

Below are few tips for using the google docs audio to text transcribing software effectively

  • Be monitoring the screen and & watch along as you speak and the tool interprets, because sometimes glitches may occur due to internet connectivity.
  • In case the voice typing speech to text converter software stops transcribing when you are still speaking. Just click the microphone logo button to turn it off, then click it again to turn it on.
  • You may need to turn the google docs audio transcribing tool, off & on for like three times, if you are interpreting about hour-long audio. To ensure the program stayed accurate.
  • Endeavour to speak loud and clear, with a healthy tone for the audio to text transcribing program to hear your voice. 
  • Try not to rush your words, avoid babbling, don’t be too fast though the tool is smart enough to pick up an average speed statement. However, if you begin speaking too quickly, the transcription may become less accurate.



Well, the google doc voice typing tool works fine as it transcribes your audio voice into physically written text. However, this is just a software, not a human being.

Even human makes mistakes, how much more a computer audio transcribing software.

So, therefore, when using the audio to text conversion tool always watch along, to correct any noticeable error at the end, if the software fails to fix it.

We believe this article is clear enough for anybody to understand, but if there is any way we can improve the post quality, please tell us in the comment section.

Cheer, have fun.






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