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UBA Africard: Full guide on how to Get UBA bank Africard


This post will give you complete information about the UBA bank prepaid visa verified naira and dollar card, we have explained all you need to know about the Uba bank international visa Africard activation and charges.

Uba bank africard prepaid naira/dollar card


The UBA bank has introduced an international naira and dollar card named Africard. Even though the card has been around for some time, however, many people are not aware. And the very few that know about the card do not understand the powerful features that are available in this Uba international naira and dollar VISA card.

UBA Africard is a visa enabled card which is not linked to any savings or current account. Meaning you don’t even need to have an account with UBA to get this card. Though it is advisable to have an account with UBA so that you can quickly load funds from your account into the Uba visa verified prepaid card

This article will show you everything you need to know about the UBA bank Africard activation and charges. And also how to load funds into it.

Activation of Uba visa africard is simple. Walk into any UBA bank around you, and provide any form of identity and your house recent Nepa bill, you; re good to go.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting the UBA Africard for online and offline transactions. The prepaid visa card works with most internet shopping website that pays both in naira at the dollar exchange rate. And the Uba bank africard charges are pretty affordable. You can see this card as an e-wallet that you need to fund before using it.

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Requirements for getting UBA Bank Africard

  1. Any valid form of Identity card (National ID card Passport, or Driver’s license).
  2. Your recent utility bill for the past three months (PHCN bill or Water bill) – New customers only.
  3. 2-4 pieces of your recent colored passport photograph
  4. A minimum of N2000 (free in some locations).


How to Get and Activate the UBA Africard

As you can see, we have listed the requirement to get the Uba prepaid visa card above. If you have all the needs listed above, then you can walk into any UBA Bank branch close to your house.

Move straight to the customer care section, tell them you need a UBA Africard, they will give you a form to fill. After filling the form, Kindly submit it back to the bank staff and your card will be ready instantly. A 10 digit code is written at the back of the card which will be used to fund the card with a minimum of #2,000.

They will give you the card in an envelope containing your card and activation pin; You can use the PINs to access your account on the internet via myubaafricard.com.

You will then have to visit the atm and insert your new Uba Africard and choose a select new pin. The pin you select at the atm is what will be used for withdrawals via ATMs and POS/Web purchases.


Benefits & Features of UBA Naira & Dollar Africard

  • Africard users have access to foreign currency anywhere on the globe (Euro, USD, GBP, etc.)
  • If the card gets lost or stolen, the value remains intact.
  • With the Uba international naira card, you have 24/7 access to cash and online payment.
  • After successful Uba africard activation, you can now make Card to card fund transfer.
  • Enjoy Safe and secure payment on the internet with Verified By Visa.
  • It includes self PIN generation and minimal charges of Uba naira africard.
  • It is enhanced with chip technology PIN protection for maximum security.


Africard Charges

  1. International ATM Transactions ZMW 2.8%.
  2. Domestic ATM Transactions (non-UBA) ZMW5.00
  3. International POS Transactions (and online transactions) 2.8%/txn
  4. Card Reissuance fee (instant) ZMW 40.00
  5. Card Reissuance fee (personalized) ZMW 50.00
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Real Facts worth knowing About UBA AfriCard

Below are some important facts you should know about the united bank of Africa new ATM card known as Africard.


The UBA Card is a Prepaid VISA Card

The Uba Africard is more of a virtual e-wallet issued by banks for online purchases and offline activities. And it is connected to a plastic VISA Card for offline POS, online transaction and ATM usage. It’s a bank account on its own which can be funded by your bank staff or you can transfer money to it from your UBA account if you have.


You don’t need Uba bank account to apply for Africard

Most people think they need a UBA bank account before they can apply for Africard. Nope. UBA Africard itself is a Prepaid Card, and it is not connected to any bank account, it is a bank account on its own.

However, you are required to provide any valid Government-issued ID card, a recent and authentic utility bill and also passport photograph before they release africard to you.


The UBA Africard is VERIFIED by visa/VISA Verified

We all know VISA is an international Banking body trusted for online transactions for many years. Uba Africard is Visa Verified / Verified by Visa, and you have the option to enable the visa protection feature on the user portal when you logged in. The Visa protection makes your internet transaction become secured, as it adds an extra level of security to the card.


Your AfriCard can only be funded between 8 am to 4 pm

Please be aware that you can only load the UBA Africard in the banking hall between 8 am to 4 pm. In case you are stuck in a long queue in the banking hall and the time is running fast, It’s wise to speak with a customer care agent that you want to fund your Africard.


Africard work on international sites Where Debit Card fails

It is an added benefit for the UBA Africard user since the card is accepted in more than 122 countries worldwide. Africard works successfully on Numbers of shopping and freelancing websites where a regular debit/credit card fails. You can use it to make payment successfully on sites like Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, eBay, Jumia, Fiverr, Konga, Upwork, etc.

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Withdraw from Any via VISA/Mastercard enabled ATMs

You can withdraw your funds easily from any ATM globally without any charges. Not like other ATM Cards that charge you money on third-party bank atm usage. Only UBA bank knows why they are doing it for free, but their customers are enjoying it. Trust me.

It works on any visa/Mastercard enabled Atm around the globe without limit. Uba Africard is your perfect travel companion. You have the choice to cash out your local currency in any country you find yourself using your Africard. Africard supports a lot of POS in many countries, in case you are far away from home.


Ability to choose between Naira Africard or Dollar Africard

UBA bank introduced the dollar card back then in 2018 to serve as a backup for their standard Naira card. So you need to be aware that if you requested for the Naira africard card, it could only be fund with Naira.

Also, if you requested for the dollar card, it could only be funded by walking to the tellers in the banking hall with dollars. Both cards are almost the same because the Naira card works the same as the dollar card. The Naira Africard is capable of doing anything the dollar Africard can do.


Access and manage your AfriCard on the web

Your AfriCard has an online portal where you can do a lot of activities Example: transfer money/funds to other cards/UBA accounts, check your account balance, print statement, change transaction pin, rectify/revise transactions, block your card. etc.


Collection and activation of Africard are instant

Once you have the required documents which we have listed above, you should Experience No complicated processes. Walk into any UBA Branch around your area with a valid government-issued ID Card, Recent Utility Bill, and a passport photograph. You should have your working Africard within few hours.

If you have any suggestion or there is anything you think we have omitted, please kindly let us know via the comment section,



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