View Source code of any website on a mobile phone


Learn how to view any website source code on mobiles phone devices like android, iPhone & windows. We’ve explained both manual methods using a standard browser like chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, UC & also an automatic mode using apps.


view any website source code on android mobile phone


Viewing a website source code is a very common thing among web developers. It is effortless to do it on a computer/PC or Mac; it’s just a matter of right-clicking on the webpage in question & select view source or view page source from the option displayed in the context menu. 

To perform this same task on a mobile device is somehow close to impossible since there is no such option to view source code on the context menu of most mobile devices.

However, In this article, Howtechwork will be showing you how to view a webpage source on your mobile phone. We will teach you the manual method that is likely to work on any mobile browser, e.g., chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, UC etc.

You will also learn how to view any website source code on an android mobile phone without using the browser method, but with the help of some cool android apps. 


What is a web source code?

A web Source code can be defined as the fundamental component of a website or web program that is created by a computer programmer. It is not directly readable & cannot be easily understood to a non-programmer. When a programmer types a sequence of Html, CSS, and javascript code into an editor and saves the sequence as a text file, the text file is said to contain the source code. 

In computing Generally, source code is any collection of a written piece of codes, written using human-readable programming languages, which can either be compiled to run on a machine like a computer, smartphones or on the web.


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How to manually view source code on mobile browsers

I know this trick might sound too simple to be true, but believe me, it works. To quickly see the source code of any webpage on your phone, follow the below step.

  • Visit the website you want to view the source; e.g.
  • Click on the address bar at the top of the page and scroll to the beginning of the website address.
  • Now type view-source: before the beginning of the website domain name or URL and reload the page or hit enter. 

See the below image for proper understanding.


example of a website source code


The above screenshot shows an example of how to manually view source code facebook.

Note this manual method doesn’t require any third-party application to work, other than your mobile phone web browser.


View source code on android phones with apps

There are many applications available in the android mobile apps store that allows you to view the source code of any webpages on the internet. However, The Howtechwork team has handpicked the two android mobile apps that we found relevant to perform this task.

The apps are “VT View Source” and “Html source viewer“.


View website source with “Vt view source” APK

To view any webpage on your android phone using the above mention application, follow the below steps by step instructions.

Visit the android app store by launching the google play application on your android mobile device. Then Search for Vt view source.


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Click on the app icon to download and instal it.




After a successful installation, Locate the “VT View Source” app icon on your android phone home screen; then tap on it to launch the app. At first launch, the application will present you with a modal search bar asking you to type in the URL of the website you will like to view the source code.

Type in the URL of the website and tap the OK button.




Then the app will load the website and display the source code for you. The loading speed & time will depend on the size and content of the page documents. Once it finishes loading, the code will be colour-coded; you can now read and interact with the website code.




Wrap up

After reading this tutorial, you shouldn’t have any problem with viewing the source code of any webpages on your smartphone again.

Am sure this tutorial will be much useful for the folks that are new to the web design and development world. If you found anything surprising on a website, and you want to know the line of code that makes that possible. You can highlight on such object then right-click and select view selected source on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

We will keep updating this post as we find more android or ios mobile app that can perform this task more comfortable and better.

Have fun.


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