WordPress vs Blogger: Differences & which is better 2019


WordPress vs blogger. Read our detailed guide which will guide you on which CMS platform to use for your new blog. Get the pros and cons of both WordPress and blogger; then choose which is better for you.


diffeence between wordpress and blogger & which one is better


It is a common question among New Bloggers that are just about to dive into the world of blogging. Which platform is better for blogging WordPress or Blogger ?. The beginner bloggers usually ask this question so that they can know the right Blogging Platform to choose.

So, therefore, today, Howtechwork will give you some fact to put into consideration when you are to choose the right CMS platform for your new blog or website.


Bloggers vs WordPress for blogging overview

Though WordPress is the most widely used platform all over the internet, over 32% of the website on the internet today are built on WordPress. But that doesn’t mean there are no other Content management system platforms that are best for blogging. Thus the question WordPress vs blogger still make much sense to be answered.

Well, most new blogger usually goes with Blogger.com to do blogging in the beginning simply because it is absolutely free. And since they are new to the blogging world, they do not know much about blogging. Though WordPress also have a free blogging platform wordpress.com. However, it comes with a high level of limitation.

So if you are just starting and you want to know the right CMS to use between WordPress or blogger, then the  WordPress vs blogger question might be on your mind. So Let’s answer it.

From an administration point of view, WordPress seems to be better than blogger, In fact, Many bloggers that started their blogging career on the Blogger platform are now shifting to WordPress because they are now aware of tons of features which the WordPress platform provides.

Another beautiful thing about WordPress is that it is an open-source script. It is free to download and use it; you will only pay for the hosting service and your domain name.

Thought the WordPress community provides two types of service, one of which is free which is WordPress.com they host your WordPress site for you free. And the other is Paid, which is WordPress.org. The WordPress script itself is free, but you need to pay for hosting by yourself, not like blogger.

Before we dig deeper into the WordPress vs blogger comparison, let me quickly inform you that there are dozen of other Cms platforms available on the Internet to build a website or a blog. Blogger and WordPress just happen to be the mostly used ones.

Examples of other cms are Tumblr, Medium, cms made simple, foursquare etc. But this article will only focus on the two main popular ones WordPress vs blogger because these two platforms are the most used for blogging.

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Why should you use Blogger?

The truth is, creating a blog on Google Blogger known as blogspot.com is as easy as ABC. It is has everything in place for you, so it is easy to maintain. Blogger is a Google product; they host your blog for free and also give a free subdomain yourblog.blogspot.com.

Which means you do not have to spend money on hosting & domain, except if you want your own custom domain name like yourblog.com. So new bloggers use it the most.

All you need to create a blog on blogger is a Google account; it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can easily create and run a blog on Blogspot under five minute.


Why should you use WordPress?

Boom, here we go. WordPress is a great CMS platform for Blogger that want to take their blogging career to the next level. It is for those who want to do professional blogging & want to pursue a career in blogging.  Like I told you earlier before we dive into the WordPress vs blogger comparison in details, On WordPress, you have total control of everything on your blog. You host your blog by yourself. And you are the administrator.

Apart from the powerful admin dashboard which WordPress provides, you also get thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins/themes that are available for use in the WordPress repository.

Many developers have written dozens of plugins and themes which you can use to change the layout and design of your blog with one click. So with WordPress, you can create a Professional looking Blog without stress.

However, you will need a domain name and hosting service, since this is not Blogspot where google is your backbone. Here on WordPress, you are a one-person Mopol; you are responsible for every aspect of your blog.

By the way, WordPress also simple like Blogger because once you set up your blog on WordPress, there is not much difference and there is more convenience than blogger which will take your blogging career to the next level.


Advantages/benefits of using Blogger (Blogspot)

While we still comparing the better platform to use between blogger vs WordPress, Below are some few noticeable benefits you stand to gain from using the google blogger platform, also known as BlogSpot as your blogging CMS.

  • It is free, so there is no need to buy Domain & Hosting.
  • Since Google is a very secured company, you tend to benefit from their server security; you may not have to worry about your website been hacked or any other cyber attack.
  • It is effortless to use because its interface is straightforward & easy.
  • Since it is from Google, Your blog should be safe from malware/viruses.
  • With just a single google account, You can create many free blogs on Blogger.


Advantages/benefits of using WordPress

Like, have said earlier WordPress is a very great platform for making any site including a blog. However, it is your choice to choose the one you think will benefit you the most. So in our WordPress vs blogger comparison, below are the few noticeable benefits you stand to gain for choosing WordPress as your CMS.

  • You can build any website with WordPress (not only a blog).
  • WordPress has tons of feature to make your blog/website look professional.
  • With WordPress, you are in charge. You control everything without depending on any company like blogger.
  • It is also effortless to use like the blogger blog.
  • There are thousands of free and premium themes and plugins to twist your blog any way you want.
  • It has a powerful admin dashboard where you can make anything happen and also control what happened in the front-end.
  • From an SEO perspective, WordPress is better for SEO, since it has tons of tools that allow bloggers to write search engine friendly articles.
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What are the differences between blogger vs WordPress

There are a lot of differences between the two content management system; however, we have listed some of the few obvious ones here for you. So that you can decide which one is best for you, depending on your need.

  • Blogger is free to use, no need to pay for hosting or domain, But to create a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have to spend money.
  • With WordPress, SEO Optimization is much easier to do than Blogger, because you have direct access to the source code of your entire website.
  • Google gives you HTTPS Security in Blogger for free, whereas, on WordPress, you have to set up HTTPS yourself on your hosting, which may cost you money.
  • On WordPress, you can change the Blog Theme & look in one click, but you have a limited theme with limited design to use on Blogger.
  • You have access to thousands of free themes and plugins on WordPress but minimal resources available for the Blogger blog.
  • To add a new feature in WordPress, you have tons of Plugin available while on Blogger; you have to do the coding, which may not even be possible at times.
  • With WordPress, you can create a Professional website/Blog while there are only a few simple designs available on Blogger.
  • If correctly optimised WordPress is much faster than Blogger.
  • The WordPress community frequently released updates to add new features & patch security holes, but there is nothing like updates on Blogger.
  • You are the full owner of a blog built on WordPress, but Blogger is free, Google remains the owner, you’re just a writer, and they can shut down your blog anytime.
  • Moving a blogger blog to WordPress is much more comfortable, but I doubt if it is possible to move from a WordPress blog to Blogger.
  • From an SEO point of view, WordPress is much SEO and Mobile friendly than Blogger.


Blogger vs WordPress Which is Better?

Well, if you read this post from the beginning to this stage, you should have gotten enough information that will help you to decide which is a better CMS solution for your blog. We have outlined some few benefits or advantages of using WordPress & Blogger above.

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So the difference between WordPress vs Blogger should be clear to you by now.

However, if the question is still lingering in your heart, which platform is better between WordPress vs Blogger & which should you choose to earn money and become a Successful Blogger. Howtechwork will give you the direct answer here, base on our own technical know-how.

According to us, if you are a new blogger who just found out what blogging is & wants to know how to do it, then you should use Blogger Platform to start your blogging career and gain some knowledge about Blogging. Secondly, if you are broke or you are not financially stable, then you should go with blogger since you can create a blog in a twinkle of an eye without spending a dime out of your pocket.

In a short word, every newbie Blogger can start with the Blogspot CMS if he or she could not afford hosting and domain name since blogger is a free platform and you do not have to spend money for it.

It will even help you not to waste your money; if eventually, you couldn’t proceed with the blog maintenance, and you stop halfway then you have nothing to lose apart from your wasted time in writing.

But If you have gathered enough knowledge about Blogging and you want to do blogging like the professional, then you should start thinking about using WordPress. Because all the mighty blog you see out there are all using WordPress, so therefore if you also want to have complete dominion over your blog & do things like the big boy Please start your blog on WordPress today.


Wrap up

Am sure you have gotten the answer to your question by now. The WordPress vs blogger argument should not be strange to you again.

Even though it is your choice to choose whatever you think is right for you; however, Howtechwork will advise even the new blogger to start using WordPress. Because even if they start with blogger, sooner or later when the blog started growing and they will want to be adding complicated features to their blog; then they will still have to move to WordPress.

We hope that now you have a proper understood of which platform is better between WordPress vs Blogger & which one will be right for your project.

If this article is helpful in any way, kindly share it with your friend. And if there is any part you think is missing or we need to improve. Kindly write to us via the comment section.



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