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Download wp smush pro plugin nulled, the Best WordPress Image Compression and Optimization plugin, the premium version is here for free download.

wp smush pro nulled

Wp smush pro nulled is a User’s choice and award-winning WordPress image optimizer plugin. The Wpmu dev wp smush pro plugin has been benchmark a tested by many WordPress webmasters. And it has been proven to be the fastest, easiest and best-performing image compression plugin for WordPress.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin can Resize, speed-up optimize, and compress all your WordPress images using the incredible WPMU DEV technology.

WordPress smush pro plugin free download will automatically optimize and resize every image in any WordPress directory on upload.
So, therefore, it speeds up the website and also saves the WordPress admin a lot of disc space.

If you want to make your WordPress Site extremely fast and also rank higher on search engines, then wp smush pro nulled is the right choice for you. It systematically optimizes every image ever uploaded to your website with the highest possible quality at the smallest reasonable size.

Even if you manage millions of images within your WordPress blog, download wp smush plugin and watch the difference.


Smush Image Compression and Optimization


Wp smush pro nulled brief overview

Smush Image Compression and Optimization WordPress plugin Delivers Images at Half the Size Without a Visible Drop in Quality.

WP smush free download don’t just Smush your images; Smush Pro users get Super-Smush with advanced multi-pass lossy compression that increases savings more than 2x on average over lossless optimization.

In case you already uploaded thousands of images to your site, No problem. The bulk smush feature will optimize all your WordPress images with a click.

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WP smush free download will not just compress your media library; Smush image compression works on any image in any WordPress directory. Download wp smush plugin today and give it a try.


WP Smush Pro Image Optimizer unique Feature

Below are the exclusive & premium functions of the smush WordPress image optimizer plugin which can hardly be found in other image compression tools.


Unique Bulk Optimizing feature

Many bloggers like myself had already uploaded enough images to our site before we even heard of the Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin.

This bulk smush plugin will optimize all your WordPress images with just a click and not only your media library alone. Smush nulled compression works on any image in any directory.


Wp smush pro Perfect Fit Image Resizing

WordPress smush image optimizer Serve Scaled Images as recommended by Google and other search engines. So here you can download wp smush plugin, and it will automatically scale and serve the best image size for every user.

Wp Smush Pro plugin resizes perfect fit images based on screen and container size, and it also compresses images with a whopping 200% faster than Smush free.


Smush Image Compression Work Smarter with Lazy Load

It Defers offscreen images with the flip of a switch. WP smush free download lazy load includes custom animations and full-range selectors.

Wp smush pro nulled as well improves page speed by waiting to load images until the user scroll to the exact image position. It Serves WebP files to save 25% over JPEG and PNG on average and as well auto-convert PNG to JPEG when additional savings are detected.


Wp smush pro nulled Preserve Image Quality

There are hundreds of image compression tools out there that destroy images with as much as a 30% loss in quality.

The Smush Image Compression and Optimization servers strip hid and bulky information from your images. Doing this reduces the file size without affecting the appearance and its quality.

After you download the wp smush plugin, it will meticulously scan every image you upload or have already added to your WordPress website.

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Compress Any Image in Any WordPress Directory

Still, in the business of speeding up your website, Wp smush pro free download smush your media uploads and as well compress the images stored in other folders.

WordPress smush pro plugin now allows you to compress any image in any WordPress directory to optimize all the images on your site.

The Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin work with your NextGEN images, images stored on Amazon S3 using WP Offload Media and also images in all WordPress plugin and theme package.


Wp smush plugin main feature listed

  • It includes Double savings with Super-Smushing ability.
  • Wp smush pro nulled automatically optimize images on upload
  • Well, these plugins smush Unlimited photos every month.
  • The pro Users have access to Smush Pro global CDN.
  • Ability to compress huge photos up to 22MB or more.
  • Unique and Perfect-fit for automatic image resizing.
  • Also includes lazy Loading for offscreen images and WebP next-gen file conversion
  • Smush premium provides PNG to lossy JPEG images and also compress existing images.
  • Ability to Retain rights to every file forever as well as Optimizing images in any folder.
  • Smush Image Compression and Optimization save original image files.
  • Lossy compression with little quality loss and amazon S3 plugin integration.
  • Compatibility with NextGEN Gallery and also Preserve EXIF data.
  • Support WP Retina 2x plugin and dedicated smushing servers.
  • WP smush free download is compatible with HTTPS-encrypted browsing.
  • WPML media compatible and a Lossless image compression.
  • Ability to strip or remove unused colors from indexed images.
  • WordPress smush pro plugin includes Progress and savings reporting.
  • Download wp smush plugin to compress all images and Instant asynchronous compression.


WP smush free download v3.2.1 Changelog

New: Increase image size limit in free version from 1Mb to 5Mb
New: Image sizes option
New: Integration with WPBakery Page Builder
Enhance: Move Image resize detection to the new Tools section
Enhance: Add upgrade link to bulk smush limit message
Enhance: Directory Smush async mode
Enhance: Regex syntax for detecting images in content
Enhance: Smush CDN support for 3rd party lazy loading plugins
Enhance: Smush CDN UI
Enhance: Smush CLI error handling
Enhance: Update API status button functionality
Enhance: Filter to skip image from lazy loading
Enhance: Support for Revolution Slider
Enhance: Notices when bulk limit is reached
Enhance: Support for jQuery 2.x-3.x
Fix: Errors with WP Ultimate Recipe Premium
Fix: Inability to determine max content width with Auto Resize CDN 
Fix: Directory Smush not resetting errors on successful scans
Fix: Lazy loading spinning image containers
Fix: PHP notice on lazy loading settings page
Fix: Subsites showing settings pages when network wide options 
Fix: PHP warning on 2.x - 3.x upgrade in network installs
Fix: CDN not processing the image tag if src does not contain a valid
Fix: Lazy loading URL exclude rules
Fix: URL exclusion rules in lazy loading


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Our disclaimer for WordPress Smush Nulled plugin

Please note that the HowTechWork team shares its premiums files under the terms of GPL. (GNU General Public License), which provide premium themes, plugins & PHP scripts for free, for testing purposes only.

Also, note that the Howtechwork team provide and promote WordPress and bloggers web design and scripts to all users worldwide.

So that you can test the theme/plugin/script, etc., and if it works as expected, you should please consider buying from the original developer/designer.

So therefore if this wp smush pro nulled meet your requirements and you’re satisfied with its functionality, please buy it from the developer for commercial use.

Also, note that Howtechwork hosts none of the files; our website only gives you the information you need to know about the tool.

And also give you the download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available all over the Internet.

NB: All our files are virus and malware-free. Enjoy.  



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